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A "TOVÁBB" gombra kattintással Ön hozzájárul az itt megadott adatainak az egyenlege lekérdezése céljából történő kezeléshez. Az adatkezelés csak a lekérdezéshez szükséges ideig tart. További információkat az adatkezelési tájékoztatóban olvashat.

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Az adatok tájékoztató jellegűek, pontos pontegyenlegét a legutolsó Törzskártya-használat során kapott bizonylaton (slip) találja meg. Esetleges adateltérés esetén kérjük, forduljon a Törzsvendég Centrum munkatársaihoz.

HUNGUEST HOTELS Frequent Guest Card Program

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HUNGUEST HOTELS Frequent Guest Card Program

HUNGUEST HOTELS Customer Card package

It is not often you encounter a card package consisting only of winning cards, is it?

Regular Customer Centre
Phone: +36 / 1 / 481-9150

Whether you are addicted to gambling or stand for pure reason, it is only up to you whether you hold all the trump cards, with the help of HUNGUEST HOTELS. In the HUNGUEST HOTELS Customer Card programme, the only thing that will boggle your mind will be the discounts; the decision to get a Customer Card is full of logic. You may ask why – so it is time to reveal our Cards.
HUNGUEST HOTELS is one of Hungary’s most dynamically developing hotel chains. Our hotels, located in Hungary’s most beautiful and most popular locations, offer a wide range of services and a staff with extensive experience in accommodation and catering services to you and all of our guests. The friendly service is accompanied by friendly prices, which may be even lower for regular guests, offering a discount as high as up to 65%. Loyalty pays, and the HUNGUEST HOTELS Customer Card programme enables you to make the most of it – the decision is yours.

HUNGUEST HOTELS Personal Customer Card – Click here to order

If you become a registered HUNGUEST HOTELS Personal Customer Card holder, we will credit a number of points corresponding to 10% of the invoice amount if you order our services directly in any member of the HUNGUEST HOTELS chain, in the Regular Customer Centre. The points credited to your card may be used as a discount in HUF or EUR equivalent to the number of points (up to 50% of the invoice) for your next hotel order and stay, meaning that HUF 1 equals 1 point, or EUR 1 equals 385 points. When using your points as a discount in HUF or EUR, a number of points corresponding to 10% of 50% of the invoice amount will be credited to your card. The discounts are available for maximum two rooms, of for catering and other proprietary services, maximum 10 persons at the same time.

All Guests who complete our Application Form, available in all our hotels, or on the link above, and send the Application Form to the following address by registered mail: Hunguest Zrt., H-1015 Budapest, Hattyú utca 3. If you order your Personal Customer Card during your stay in a member of the HUNGUEST HOTELS chain, you may request points to be credited to your card already for that stay. In this case, please submit your hotel invoice to the Application Form.

In addition to enrolling by mail, you can submit the Application Form to any of member of the HUNGUEST HOTELS chain: an Application Form can be downloaded from our web site.


In addition to the continuous use of points credited to your Customer Card, it is possible to obtain a discount package offering a discount in percentage, which – in addition to granting more than average attention to you – may be worth gold, beyond doubt.

After collecting 150,000 points – while you keep collecting points – a VIP Executive Card may be issued, which offers a discount of 20% from all our proprietary services ordered directly and used in HUNGUEST HOTELS hotels.

After reaching 400,000 points, you can get hold of a VIP Gold Card package, which offers a discount of 40% from the price of accommodation and 20% of all other proprietary services in HUNGUEST HOTELS hotels.

After reaching 1,000,000 points, a Diamond Card package may be issued, which guarantees a discount of 65% of the accommodation price and 50% of all other services in case of a direct order and use.

Discounts are available for maximum two rooms, or for maximum 10 persons in the case of catering and other proprietary services at the same time. When the relevant number of points is reached, the relevant VIP Customer Card package needs to be ordered by completing the Application Form.

It is also possible to purchase a HUNGUEST HOTELS Customer Card as a gift. However, that is a different story.

(coupon for services)

After purchasing fixed-denomination Gift Cards, the gift recipient may select which of our hotels – covering the entire country – s/he wishes to take a holiday. This is a great gift all year round!

Gift Cards are issued in denominations of HUF 5000, 10,000, HUF 20,000 and HUF 50,000. They are available at at the reception desks of all HUNGUEST HOTELS chain members. Any natural or legal person may hold Gift Cards. If a Gift Card is used in one of our hotels outside Hungary, please inquire about the exchange rate in our hotels.

Registration form  - download

Business terms & conditions for personal and VIP customer cards - download