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Dear Guests,

With HUNGUEST HOTELS you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the countryside, the towns and the unique natural beauties of a country, providing vast ranges of historical and cultural relics.
You can enjoy the natural waters offered by the country, such as the largest fresh-water lake in Europe, the Lake Balaton or the Blond Tisza, a river loftily sung by poets and the thermal waters, grossly helping restoration to health and recreation.

At the same time the Hungarian towns - including Budapest - offer the visitors an experience never-to-be-forgotten by presenting their commercial activities, historical relics and cultural treasures. You may fulfil the desire for the unscathed nature, have a rest whilst wandering the hills and the slopes or roaming about the forest and meet the romance of the famous "Puszta".

Our wide service range reflects these opportunities and can swiftly absorb new trends and upcoming facilities:
- classic medical treatments, fitness, wellness, sports, beauty salons, conference and meeting tourism
- various holiday offers for both the younger and the elder generations to several locations throughout the year.

We would like to draw your attention to our attractive prices, they being solid, the included services and the relation between price and value are considered to be of positive effect. Whilst reading our catalogue you are bound to take a look at our package prices. Did we manage to arouse your interest in having a peaceful holiday? Do you feel like getting to know Hungary? Well, our company, HUNGUEST HOTELS with its wide experiences in the hospitality business could be your partner and host, and is glad to be at your service at the most beautiful and popular resorts of Hungary. Please, consider it thoroughly and make a decision, in any case our vast variety of services, the high standards and the true hospitality of our colleagues working in the hotels are to be regarded as a guarantee for a good choice.

You are welcome at any time!

Hunguest Hotels


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