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HUNGUEST Hotel Freya is located in the south western part of Hungary, 200 km far from both Budapest and Graz. The hotel is situated in a well maintained park, next to the baths in the centre of the city. The building has a direct connection through a passage with the Gránit Thermal Bath, so the therapy section and the indoor pools can easily be approached, even in winter. Visitors will find all the resources for physical and mental recuperation at the spa.


Hunguest Hotel Freya

8749 Zalakaros, Termál u. 7.

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Hotel Freya

For the past decades, Zalakaros has won a deserved place among Hungary's bath towns. The small town of country Zala, famous for its thermal water and spa all in Europe dates back to a history of more than 750 years. The settlement having 1900 inhabitants is situated 20 km away from the Lake Balaton in a straight line, near the Lake Small Balaton, which is a nature conservation area and the Balaton Uplands National Park.

The small town with a pleasant atmosphere is surrounded by vineyards and fruit-gardens, and the neighbouring forests provide for the town's fresh air, favourably influencing its beneficial climate. With its cleanliness, well-kept parks and green zones, the bath town provides an intimate, quiet atmosphere. From the begining of spring to the end of autumn, colourful flowers decorate the settlement, which in 2002 was deservedly awarded the title of "Hungary's most flowered town" und in 2003 that of "Europe's flowered town". Zalakaros was given town rank in 1997.
Those who had already been to Zalakaros and now return will be surprised at the number of changes and developments. The streets of the town are decorated with statues and monumensts at every turn, indicating the main events of the town's life and history, such as the monument of its 750 years' anniversary or the Europe Park.
You can take pleasant walks among the plant specialities of the arboretum situated in the centre of the town or in the well-kept promenades. Children are welcomed to the nicely-designed, exciting playgrounds, where they can relax along with their parents; or on the small train passing round the town, they can familiarize themselves with the settlement.

The town's main attraction is the medical water, unique in Europe and the spa-complex, which already dates back to a 40-year past. While developing the baths, each generation's needs have been consedered, including families with children and older guests longing for some recovery.
Besides the experience of the medicinal water and the bathing, even lovers of active sports and the nature came to like Zalakaros, as there are numerous free-time facilities here. The Karos Summer event series offers various cultural music and gastronomic experiences to visitors.
We have all set as our objective that tourists visiting the town should go home with unforgettable expriences and they should return to this small town of county Zala.

In Zalakaros, you can pamper your body not only with the medicinal water but you can also be addicted to gastronomic experience. We are waiting for gourmets in an organized, quiet environment, with intimate terraces and typical Hungarian hospitality, besides the local specialities also with delicacies of the European cuisine. Also restaurants offer flavours of the cuisine fo conty Zala, preserved during centuries. It is worth tasting dödölle with game stew or the mushroom soup of Göcsej. The strudel - which is popular also in county Zala - is a majestic dessert.
For the delicious dishes you can taste good-quality wines, too. Zalakaros forms part of the Balaton wine-region, it is a member fo the Zala Wine Route, where viticulture and winery have ancient traditions. 80% of the noble drink - that friends of wine can taste in several wine-cellars - is qualified, including the local speciality, the Tónai. Nevertheless, it is a pleasant free-time activity to ramble around the steep streets, admiring nice, old cellars, the splendid view and the landscape.

Various events of town make the days spent here more colourful, as besides bathing, it's the different kinds of cultural and entertaining programs that provide real relaxation. In the early and late seasons, basically the town's events and feasts play the main role; balls, sports events, bicycle and walking tours alternate each other. When summer sets in, the Karos Summer Festival awaits guests. Promenade concerts, operetta evenings in German language and the summer festival days of the baths are always recurring programs.
Lovers of active life won't be bored, either if they wish to spend their holiday in Zalakaros. The location and environment of the town is perfectly suitable for active fre-time activities. The air, the sun, the water and the motion invite mor and more youths and families to Zalakaros, the slogan of which sounds more and more matterful 'Zalakaros is a meeting point of generations in each season of the year'.


Number of rooms: 162 | Parking: approx. 100-120 places, 600 HUF/car/night | Local tax: 500 HUF/person/night - from 18 years | Smoking: the whole hotel is non-smoking | Pets: small: 5.000 HUF/night, large: 9.000 HUF/night - limited number | Conferences: from 25 up to 150 guests - 2 rooms |
Accessible hotel: the hotel is partially accesible for disabled guests