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Hippocrates, father of medicine, was the first to proclaim: "Nature is the physician of our diseases". In fact, Mother Nature has been especially bountiful towards Hungary: the country sits on one of the richest geothermal and medicinal water resources anywhere in the world. The local culture of bathing goes back two thousand years; excavated remains of bath houses, frescoes and mosaics demonstrate that the Romans discovered and exploited these thermal water resources.

Of the approximately 1300 thermal springs currently registered, nearly 300 are used for bathing purposes and no fewer than one in every ten, which means about 130 mineral and medicinal water springs, are located in the capital, Budapest! What is the difference between mineral and medicinal water? Medicinal water is a kind of mineral water with medically-proven therapeutic, healing effects. Most medicinal waters in Hungary are effective in the treatment of locomotor disorders, but there are some which are particularly efficacious in the treatment of gynaecological and dermatological disorders, and - as part of a drinking cure - renal and metabolic conditions as well as stomach complaints.

Experienced doctors and fully trained assistants oversee the treatment of guests attending medicinal baths and staying in sanatoriums, spa and wellness hotels. Before prescribing personalised courses of treatment and special cure packages, doctors carry out a general health check.

Then if you would like to spend some time relaxing and - recharging your batteries-, or perhaps feel you are ready for a little pampering, the list of wellness hotels is for you!

Around the world, ever more people are coming to realise that a healthy lifestyle has an enormous role to play in disease prevention and the creation of a general sense of well-being. There is an equal understanding of the fact that natural methods of treatment are able to promote healing without side effects.

 All these factors make Hungary - thanks to its natural conditions, developed infrastructure and hospitable people - the ideal location for you! Choose from our varied and broad selection, revitalise your body and enjoy yourself. Choose Hungary for health!

Hunguest Hotel Répce Gold   Bükfürdő

The Hunguest Hotel Répce Gold lies in Bükfürdő. Its world famous thermal water, the subalpine climate, the scenic spots along with the wide range of services of the hotel are all essential conditions of the guests recovery, relaxation and recreation. Our hotel is in the neighbourhood of the Bükfürdő Thermal&Spa, this building is easy to reach through an indoor corridor which was built between the hotel and the Spa – it is single in Bükfürdó.

Hunguest Hotel Répce Gold

Hunguest Hotel Flóra   Eger

The mineral springs of Eger located at the southern foot of the Bükk montains rise from the karst waters of the range. A favourable effect of the mineral springs of Eger on various kinds of illnesses, and especially on rheumatic diseases, was already known in the Turkish epoch. The curative power of these waters can first of all be explained by their slight radioactivity and by a prosperous effect of various trace elements contained in them on the vital functions of the organism.

Hunguest Hotel Flóra

Hunguest Hotel Erkel   Gyula

Thank to a covered corridor, direct access to the Castle Spa is ensured uniquely from the renewed 4-star Hunguest Hotel Erkel.

Hunguest Hotel Erkel

Hunguest Hotel Aqua-Sol   Hajdúszoboszló

Hajdúszoboszló is also referred to as the “Mecca of rheumatics’. HUNGUEST Hotel Aqua-Sol is located in the neighbourhood of Hungary’s largest, dynamically developing medicinal spa, in the tourist centre of the town. The significant water surface provides the remarkable microclimate of the bath, the salt, iodic and bromic humidity of the air makes this place an excellent destination for those seeking treatments.

Hunguest Hotel Aqua-Sol

Hunguest Hotel Béke   Hajdúszoboszló

In the Hotel's Thermal Centre the followig treatments are avaible: specialist physician's examinations ( rheumatologist, dentist, dermatologist), massages, medical gymnastics, hydro-therapy, mud pack, wight-bath, underwater jet massage, phisicotherapy, salt chamber, light therapy.

Hunguest Hotel Béke

Hunguest Hotel Helios   Hévíz

The essence of the medical treatments offered by Hévíz is that centuries of medical experience and practice are ’dosed’ for those wishing to heal and relax by the natural thermal waters.

Hunguest Hotel Helios

Hunguest Hotel Panoráma   Hévíz

The well-known Hunguest Hotel Panoráma awaits its guests in the heart of Hévíz at the neighbourhood (100 m) of the world known thermal health lake of Hévíz. Unarguable advantage of our hotel is against all other hotels in Hévíz is the connection between the Health and Spa Institute of Hévíz, the St. Andreas Centre.

Hunguest Hotel Panoráma

Hunguest Hotel Forrás   Szeged

The HUNGUEST Treatment and Wellness Hotel Forrás is a ten-minute walk away from the city center, located in New Szeged, in a wonderful green garden district on the bank of the Tisza river. The hotel is directly connected with the adjacent Medicinal Spa through a heated corridor.

Hunguest Hotel Forrás

Hunguest Hotel Pelion   Tapolca

Tapolca, a town famous for its caves and streams, is situated in the west part of the Balaton highlands. Below the hotel there is a karst cave, which is not only a beautiful sight, but also offers a special microclimate and curative treatment. HUNGUEST Hotel Pelion is situated in the city centre, in a 4-ha-large park, directly above the cave ideal for curing respiratory diseases. Unique in Europe is the direct connection between our hotel and the grotto.

Hunguest Hotel Pelion

Hunguest Hotel Freya   Zalakaros

Hunguest Hotel Freya is popular for People, who would like to recover, regenerate oder relax. The hotel is situated next to the bath in a well maintained park. The hotel is connected to the Gránit Thermal Bath with a heated passageway, so our guests can easily reach the therapy section and the indoor pools even more times a day.

Hunguest Hotel Freya