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Hunguest Hotel Bál Resort ****

Hunguest Hotel Bál Resort**** , Balatonalmádi can be found in an ancient park on 2 hectares, in a wonderful natural environment, just 200 meters far from the beach. Our hotel has 193 air-conditioned rooms and 16 suits to service our guest with every convenience. Each room looks to Lake Balaton to increase the joy of staying with us. Our hotel is open all over the year and is ideal for ones wishing to relax or loving water sports and even for families with small children.

Hunguest Hotel Bál Resort


Hunguest Hotel Millennium ***superior

The 3-star superior Hunguest Hotel Millennium is located along Üllői street, the main street connecting Ferihegy International Airport with the heart of downtown Budapest. The city centre and other attractions can be accessed within a few minutes by car or metro. This tastefully decorated hotel with its special atmosphere enables you to enjoy the traditional Hungarian hospitality on international level. A professional team makes your stay pleasant and ensures the success of your events.

Hunguest Hotel Millennium

Hunguest Hotel Platánus ***

Hunguest Hotel Platánus is located in Budapest, in the neighbourhood of the biggest park of the city, called ’Népliget’. The 3 star hotel can be easily accessed from the downtown (by M3 blue metro line), as well as from Ferihegy International Airport. Owing to the ideal location and the pleasant establishment, Hunguest Hotel Platánus is a favourite accomodation for travellers and for businessmen, too.

Hunguest Hotel Platánus


Hunguest Hotel Répce Gold

Bükfürdő lies at the Western border of Hungary, 220 km far from Budapest and 50 km from Sopron. The medical water of Bük is well known all over Europe. Access: from Budapest on highway M1 to Győr, from there on main road 85, respectively on main roads 84 and 86, Bükfürdő can be reached within 2,5 hours.

Hunguest Hotel Répce Gold

Csíkszereda (RO)

Hunguest Hotel Fenyő ***

The municipality of Miercurea-Ciuc is situated in the south-eastern part of Transylvania, in a basin between Harghita and Ciuc Mountains, on the terraces of the Olt River. The hotel can be found in the city centre, between the skating rink and the city park.

Hunguest Hotel Fenyő


Hunguest Hotel Flóra ***

HUNGUEST Hotel Flóra awaits guests at the centre of thermal springs, amongst hundred-year-old trees offering comfort and various services. Guests will be provided with lots of relaxation opportunities.

Hunguest Hotel Flóra


Saliris Resort Spa & Conference Hotel

There are certain places on Earth where higher than normal vibrations and a purer form of energy can be felt. One can find many such areas of therapeutic healing in Hungary as well, where we become fresh and energised and the intensity of our physical ailments decrease, making us feel refreshed. Egerszalók is one of Hungary's most well-known places of healing power and positive vibrations.

Saliris Resort Spa & Conference Hotel


Hunguest Grandhotel Galya ****

Galyatető lies at the second highest point of the Mátra Mountains - 956 meters above sea level -, but the highest-lying hotel in Hungary. It's preserved 20th century traditions but being clad in brand new attire. It is both a wellness-conference hotel, “experience-hotel“ of four seasons, where everything is new, except the fresh air. Its mild sub-alpine climate and crystal-clear fresh air have a health-giving effect, which is combined with a yearly number of hours of sunshine much above the national average. Grandhotel Galya was built in 1937-39 in this wonderful landscape, in the middle of a lovely, 5 acre park, surrounded by forests.

Hunguest Grandhotel Galya


Hunguest Hotel Erkel ***/****

The hotel built together with the sixteen-pool castle bath is situated in the castle garden near a brick castle. The town can be reached in approx. 3 hours by car on highway M5 through Kecskemét and main road 44.

Hunguest Hotel Erkel


Hunguest Hotel Apollo

Hunguest Hotel Apollo is located at the heart of Hajdúszoboszló, Hungary's most well-known spa town. Guests of our four star hotel can spend their holiday in a modern, sophisticated environment, while choosing from our long list of relaxing services. Well-equipped, elegant rooms and a restaurant with numerous dining options make our hotel suitable for family holidays, long weekends, and could also serve as location for company events.

Hunguest Hotel Apollo

Hunguest Hotel Aqua-Sol

Hajdúszoboszló is also referred to as the “Mecca of rheumatics’. HUNGUEST Hotel Aqua-Sol is located in the neighbourhood of Hungary’s largest, dynamically developing medicinal spa, in the tourist centre of the town. The significant water surface provides the remarkable microclimate of the bath, the salt, iodic and bromic humidity of the air makes this place an excellent destination for those seeking treatments.

Hunguest Hotel Aqua-Sol

Hunguest Hotel Béke

Hajdúszoboszló is also referred to as "Mecca of rheumatics". The thermal water forcing its way up from depths of 1.100 metres is 75 °C. Iodine-salt stream evaporating from the 10.000 m2 water surface area provides the remarkable micro-climate of the bath. It is ideal for curing internal skin and gynaecological diseases.

Hunguest Hotel Béke

Heiligenblut (A)

Hunguest Hotel Heiligenblut

Hunguest Hotel Heiligenblut is nestled in one of the most beautiful places in the Alps, in the middle of the “Hohe Tauern” national park. The picturesque Heiligenblut is surrounded by 50 peaks each above 3,000 m and is considered to be “Austria’s magical village in the south”. On one side, the history-rich church in Heiligenblut overshadows the entire village with its vibrancy, and on the other the snow-covered Großglockner will catch your eye.

Hunguest Hotel Heiligenblut

Landhotel Post

Our hotel is situated in the middle of the “Hohe Tauern” National Park, surrounded by the impressive scenery of mighty mountain peaks reaching higher than 3,000 m. Heiligenblut – one of the most beautiful places in the alps. Our house is a comfortable, snug, and sporty hotel in an ideal location in Heiligenblut. Here you will experience the culinary variety of a premiere restaurant: it starts in the morning with an elaborate breakfast served until 10 a.m., and ends in the evening with first-class cooking.

Landhotel Post

Herceg Novi (Montenegró)

Hunguest Hotel Sun Resort ****

The Hunguest Hotel Sun Resort is a park of hotels 400 metres long, directly at the seaside promenade. The heart of the historic downtown is in 5 minutes walk. Among the thick Mediterranean vegetation, the banana and palm trees, leanders there are altogether five hotel buildings and four apartment houses are awaiting guests.

Hunguest Hotel Sun Resort


Hunguest Hotel Helios

HUNGUEST Hotel Helios is situated in the middle of a 4,5-ha-large well-kept nature conservation park, 500 m far from the thermal lake. The two buildings of the hotel, Helios ANNA and BENJAMIN are connected each other with a heated corridor and have a unique ambience.

Hunguest Hotel Helios

Hunguest Hotel Panoráma

HUNGUEST Hotel Panoráma is located in the centre of Hévíz, 150 metres from the lake. From the upper stories of the 13-storey building there is a magnificent view over the town and its surroundings.

Hunguest Hotel Panoráma

Kreischberg (A)

Hotel Alpenblick ****

The ****Hotel Alpenblick is located in the middle of the wonderful ski region Kreischberg, just a few hundred meters away from the valley station. The Hotel is the perfect place for ski and wellness holidays for the whole family. Children have a lot of opportunities to play together, like the X-Box room or the playground. Meanwhile their parents can relax or review the ski experiences at the hotel bar or in the restaurant. Skiing and relaxing are not the only options in the skiregion Kreischberg. The surrounding provides several interesting opportunities for active and nature-loving families.

Hotel Alpenblick

Hotel Relax Resort ****

The four-star hotel Relax Resort Kreischberg with its exclusive services provides an excellent venue for ski and wellness holidays, company events, intimate family Christmases, romantic weddings or just having a few nice evenings out with your friends.

Hotel Relax Resort


Hunguest Hotel Palota ****

HUNGUEST Hotel Palota is situated in Lillafüred, a settlement 10 kilometres from Miskolc. The castle built in neo-renaissance style between 1927 and 1930 is surrounded by a hanging garden and a large park. The view to Szinva Stream and Hámori Lake is made even more magnificent by the murmur of the Szinva Stream waterfall in the immediate neighbourhood of the hotel.

Hunguest Hotel Palota


Lifestyle Hotel Mátra

Our hotel is an excellent choice for those who want to relax or to spend spend their leisure time on excursions. On our organized excursions You can explore the wonderful and diverse flora and fauna of mountain Matra, moreover feel the beneficial effects of oxygen-rich mountain air in on your body and soul. Visit us and join our diverse services and programs. We look forward to meet You in the middle of the fabulous Matra.

Lifestyle Hotel Mátra


Hunguest Hotel Forrás ****

HUNGUEST Hotel Forrás, renovated in 1998, is situated in New-Szeged on the riverside of Tisza. The hotel awaits guests longing for recovery, vacation and relaxation.

Hunguest Hotel Forrás


Hunguest Hotel Pelion ****superior

Tapolca, a town famous for its caves and streams, is situated in the west part of the Balaton highlands. Below the hotel there is a karst cave, which is not only a beautiful sight, but also offers a special microclimate and curative treatment. HUNGUEST Hotel Pelion is situated in the city centre, in a 4-ha-large park, directly above the cave ideal for curing respiratory diseases. Unique in Europe is the direct connection between our hotel and the grotto.

Hunguest Hotel Pelion


Andrássy Rezidencia Wine & Spa *****

Andrássy Rezidencia Wine & Spa*****, the only five-star hotel in Tokaj-Hegyalja region offers outstandingly high level wellness-, spa services and a unique gastronomic experience. Our five-star hotel is located in Tarcal, set in a beautiful rustic setting in the former atmospheric residence of the Andrássy family in a very stylish and tasteful building offering 41 rooms, a spa & wellness department and one of the finest restaurants in Tokaj-Hegyalja.

Andrássy Rezidencia Wine & Spa


Hunguest Hotel Freya *** superior

HUNGUEST Hotel Freya is located in the south western part of Hungary, 200 km far from both Budapest and Graz. The hotel is situated in a well maintained park, next to the baths in the centre of the city. The building has a direct connection through a passage with the Gránit Thermal Bath, so the therapy section and the indoor pools can easily be approached, even in winter. Visitors will find all the resources for physical and mental recuperation at the spa.

Hunguest Hotel Freya