Medicinal Grotto - a special cave against asthma

Asthma cures in medicinal grotto, cave cures, asthmatic programsThe Grotto
The hole system of Tapolca has been discovered in 1903 under the town. The hole corridors (total length ca. 20 km) were used for different functions, such as for tourism (you can row underground) or for medicinal purposes.
1981 the healing effect of the cave has been declared by the Ministry for Health and the cave has been explained to a medicinal grotto. People with allergy and asthma have been visiting the grotto for over 30 years and they find here healing and harmony.
The microclimatic parameters of the grotto air are constant, it contains no agressiv factors such as pollen or dust. The temperature is constant         (14-16 °C), the humidity is high (appr. 100 %). All these factors help at the healing of asthmatic, allergic and other respiratory diseases. We recommend the stay in the grotto also for stressed people who want to find harmony and to escape the every day’s life. The tranquility, the low light and the subsurface environment are best conditions for recreation, relax and healing.

Indications:   respiratory diseases, stres
Contraindications: staying in the cave does not have any known contraindications!

Grotto cure:
The Hunguest Hotel Pelion is built directly over the grotto and is connected with it by a corridor.
The grotto cure consists of a basic pulmonological examination and stays in the grotto and 2 refreshing massage.
The ideal duration of the cure is 2-3 weeks.

Asthma cures in medicinal grotto, cave cures, asthmatic programs

The bioclimatic caracteristics and dimensions of the cave
 depth: 15 m
 ground space:1210 m2
 cubic capacity: 3490 m3
 temperature: 14-16°C
 relative humidity: 95-99rel%
 air pressure: 750-778 Hgmm
 O2: 21,5-21,8 vol%
 CO: -
 CO2: 0,1 vol%
 Ca++: 113,2 mg/l
 Mg++: 3,9 mg/l
 Na: 11,95 mg/l

We wish You a pleasant stay!