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Medical centre and fun bath

Besides the peerless natural environment and the inhabitants' hospitality, the town's main attraction is the spa-complex, which dates back to a more than 55-year past. The medicinal water of Zalakaros is a kind of thermal water with sodium chloride and hydrogen carbonate, which due to its iodide and bromide ion content - is classified among iodine-bromide waters; while due to its sulphide ion content is classified among sulphurous medicinal waters. The water is slightly radioactive, with quite a high meta-boric acid content. The medicinal water exerts its effect most favourably an curing chronic gynaecological, locomotor and articular diseases and in the treatment of nervous system and heart diseases, and cirdulatory and metabolic disturbances.
Owing to the developments of the previous years, by these days the "Zalakaros Spa" fonded in 1965 has become Hungary's one of the largest baths. Im summer, it has more than 5000 m2 water surface available for guests, thereof a water surface of about 1500 m2 is covered. The spa has become a wellness centre besides curing guests.

Our hotel has a direct connection with a thermal bath, so you can rich easily the therapy section and the pools even in the winter.

Basically, the baths can be divided into two sections: the medical centre and fun pool, offering a lot of water experience, also linked to open-air pools; and the covered thermal baths with the related open-air themal bath. In addition, in the building of the covered bath, a completely renovated therapeutical department is established.

Medical centre and fun bath

Those in fond of sophisticated bathing facilities can enjoy the renewing effect of the water of Zalakaros in the medical centre, in the sitting bath with medicinal water and in the jacuzzi pool having thermal water. 
The fun pool meets all the needs of wellness and fitness fans. Its covered hall awaits those longing for some rest with a fun pool, a pool for children and a multipurpose pool. In the irregular-shaped, 360 m2, thermal water fun pool with stretched water surface, 10 different water attractions are offered: water-jet massages, jacuzzi, water mushroom and rafting flow. The multifunctional, 400 m2 sports pool allows guests swimming, doing aquaerobics or aquafitness both in summer and winter, enjoying all the fun of doing sports. Even children have been central to the facilities established in Zalakaros. A covered fun pool for children helps familiarization with water and careless splashing: a tilting bucket, a mini slide, a mini waterfall and a water mushroom await the younger ones. Besides the services of the fun pool operating both in summer and in winter, there are open-air pools with a water surface of nearly 400 m2, which are directly accessible from the inside area. Various massages, water-spouts, springs, a Scottish shower and a Jacuzzi make outside bathing more exciting. In the covered hall, the 'Black hole' slide, an 'Infant corner' equipped with toys and a TV-room await guests. Thi Finnish, aroma- and light therapy saunas as well as the steam cabin mean a real delicacy for sauna fans. Rest places inside and outside, and sunbathing terraces provide pleasant relaxation

Covered baths and therapy

In The covered baths open all the year round, there are sitting baths of different temperature (from 32 oC to 36 oC) with medicinal water, a thermal pool open at the top and a sauna-block.
The therapeutical department operating with medical supervision serves recovery with a wide range of treatments. Among hydrotherapy treatments you can find a traction bath, an effervescent bath, a four-cell galvanic bath and an underwater massage. The wide range of electrotherapy services - stimulus current, ultra-sound and magnet-ring - also serve recovery. In the open-air pool of the spa's garden, on weekday mornings, provided the whether is good, guests can do exercises with the help of a qualified physical therapist. Besides the underwater gym, we offer therapeutical gymnastics individually and in groups alike. Under the masseurs' hands, guests can refresh themselves and the sole massage is also a popular service. Fango and medicinal packings are also available

Open-air thermal bath

In the well-kept, 10-acre park of the open-air thermal bath, decorrated with trees and flowers, each generation finds entertainment facilities after its own heart.
The abundant supply ranges from the partly shadowed sitting bath with medicinal water to pools equipped with various spectacular elements, so each member of the family can find the attraction he or she likes most. An infant, a family and a wave pool await bathers, while slide-fans can enjoy the new slide-complex. Certainly, those in fond of active movement can find a swimming-pool in the open-air, too. Near the infant splashing bath, a playground equipped with various attractions awaits youngsters. The catering establishments operating at hte territory of the open-air bath also serve quests' comfort. Taken it all round, the whole family can have fun recovery and rest at the same place, in the high-standard environment of the open-air thermal bath, without disturbing each other's rest.

The number of guests shows that it is worth paying a visit to Zalakaros, tying the healing force of its water, as in the course of the last 55 years more than 30 million people came here seeking recorery and relaxation. A lot of exhausted guests regain their freshness in Zalakaros, returning to the everyday life filled up with energy.

The hotel is connected to Zalakaros Thermal Bath with a heated passageway, so you can easily reach the therapy section and the pools even in the winter. Both medicinal and thermal water are available in the thermal bath. The thermal water of 96 oC from wells D6, D7 are for medicinal use. The thermal water from well ZK6 has a temperature of 47 °C, whilst the temperature of water from well ZK9 is 53 °C. These fountains are utilised for filling up pools in the bath. The following treatments are available: hydrotherapy (underwater jet massage, traction bath, sauna, carbon dioxide bath, effervescent bath), special medicinal bathing treatments (esp. for dermatological and gynaecological), massage, electrotherapy (treatment by ultraviolet and infra-red rays, ultra sound, short-wave therapy, galvanic current, etc.).

Fun bath - for the first time in Hungary!

The first indoor Fun Bath in Hungary is directly accessible from the hotel and is found on the premises of Zalakaros Thermal Bath. 360 m2 of water with 11 different watering gadgets provide fun and function. The various water outlets act as massaging devices. Walking against a strong stream of water will prove to be a real exercise. Those suffering from physical handicaps and disabilities will enjoy the pleasant surrounding and perform exercises under the water in a playful manner.


  • for locomotive disorders,
  • rheumatic disease,
  • gynaecological diseases,
  • after care treatments.


  • high blood pressure,
  • severe cardiologic diseases,
  • acute inflammation,
  • malignant tumours,
  • epilepsy.