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Nobody quite knows who first declared themselves in love with Lake Balaton. Perhaps a poet, or a traveler, but it is a fact that from the start of the 19th Century onwards, more and more statements like this are recorded. First in beautiful prose, then in newspaper articles, nowadays in virtually everyday speech. For those who have not been yet it is hard to understand the attraction to Lake Balaton. If we want to educate them, then for every question there is an answer.

Children wallow in the fabulous fun of wading in the shallow, warm, silky waters, and are only willing to be ordered out of the lake. Youths recall the all-night "big parties" of the hot summer evenings. For them, Lake Balaton is a world of meetings and new adventures. The nature lovers speak lovingly of the idyllic quiet of the Balaton's upper region, or of the flocks of startled water birds rising from the wetlands of the "Small Balaton". Painters and photographers rightfully believe Hungary's best panoramas are the hills that rise from the lake. Wine lovers sing the praises of the Kéknyelű from Badacsony, or the Italian reisling of Boglár, while gastonomes rave about the toothfish delicacies. The fishermen tell of metre-plus long fish, the yachtsmen of the racing boats bent over in the wind, the rheumatics of the healing powers of the Hévíz thermal baths, the music lovers of the Tihany organ recitals, the Opera fanciers of the Siófok opera galas.

The list goes on, but the flame of adulation would easily be lit by the first dozen testimonials. Come with us, and feel at home at Lake Balaton!

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Lake Balaton, or the "Hungarian Sea", is the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe. Tapolca, a town famous for its caves and streams,is situated in the west part of the Balaton highlands, among the characteristic volcanic mountains of the Tapolca Basin, not far from the Badacsony Wine Region, only 10 km from "Balaton". Guests can use the water of the lake for bathing, surfing, sailing or even pleasure boating in the summer, but there is also an opportunity for fishing, in the winter for ice skating.

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