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City hotel

Budget hotels, conference hotels in Budapest or in Eger, Szeged or Gyula.

Your chance to discover Hungary is just a click... your best choice to have a city break is a Hunguest Hotel!

Hunguest Hotel Erkel   Gyula

The Hunguest Hotel Erkel was named after one of the greatest composers in Hungary and awaits its guests in a pleasant environment with a friendly atmosphere. Hunguest Hotel Erkel is situated in the Castle Garden of Gyula, in a pleasant atmosphere, girdled with ancient trees, in the neighbourhood of the boating pond and the Gyula Castle. It is directly connected with the Castle Spa which has won the 5-star qualification of the Hungarian Baths Association.

Hunguest Hotel Erkel

Hunguest Hotel Forrás   Szeged

The Hunguest Hotel Forrás is a ten-minute walk away from the city center, located in New Szeged, in a wonderful green garden district on the bank of the Tisza river.

Hunguest Hotel Forrás

Hotel Millennium   Budapest

Hotel Millennium is located in the neighbourhood of Népliget and the Goupama Aréna. It can be easily accessed from the city center as well as Üllői street, the main street connecting Liszt Ferenc International Airport with the heart of downtown. Owing to the ideal location and the pleasant establishment, Hunguest Hotel Millennium is a favourite accommodation for travellers and for businessmen, too.

Hotel Millennium

Hunguest Hotel Pelion   Tapolca

The hotel is located in the center of Tapolca, directly above a karst cave, which is ideal for curing respiratory disease. This cave not only offers a beautiful sight, but also has a special microclimate and a special healing effect. The direct corridor connection between the hotel and the healing grotto is unique in Europe.

Hunguest Hotel Pelion

Hunguest Hotel Sóstó   Nyíregyháza

The Hunguest Hotel Sóstó, constructed in Nyíregyháza is the hotel offering the most complex services in the county. Nyíregyháza’s newest hotel is situated 6 kms from the city centre, in the heart of Nyíregyháza-Sóstógyógyfürdő, surrounded by a beautiful oak forest. The hotel is located in the recreational holiday resort of the town, which is very popular with tourists. The SóstóZOO is eight minutes’ walk from the hotel, while the only open-air museum in East Hungary, the Sóstó Museum Village is merely a few steps away.

Hunguest Hotel Sóstó

Hunguest Hotel Fenyő ***   Csíkszereda

The city of Miercurea Ciuc is situated on the south – eastern part of Transylvania, in the cirque between Harghita and Ciuc Mountains on the geographical terraces of the Olt river. Hunguest Hotel Fenyő is located in the center of the city between the “Vákár Lajos” skating rink and the central park. Due to its geographical position, our hotel is an ideal point of departure for those tourists, who want to explore the “Székely” region. Numerous historical monuments, natural miracles and ethnographical specialties are to be found in this area, such as the Grace Church in Șumleu Ciuc, the Saint Ana (volcanic origin) lake; the Red Lake in “Cheile Bicazului” or the center of folk art and fair in “Corund”. All these sites can be visited in a one day trip.

Hunguest Hotel Fenyő ***