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The Hotel Millennium is located along Üllői street, the main street connecting Ferihegy International Airport with the heart of downtown Budapest. The city centre and other attractions can be accessed within a few minutes by car or metro. This tastefully decorated hotel with its special atmosphere enables you to enjoy the traditional Hungarian hospitality on international level. A professional team makes your stay pleasant and ensures the success of your events.


Hotel Millennium

1089 Budapest, Üllői út 94-98.

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House rules

Dear Guest!

The staff of Hotel Millennium is striving with the greatest devotion that our guests can enjoy their stay in the Hotel, therefore we would like to ask you to please keep the following rules of the Hotel during your stay here. The policy regards to all the guests of Hotel Millennium.

Only guests can stay in the hotel rooms. They should meet their family members and friends in the hall

Behaviour in the hotel
In the area of the hotel smoking is prohibited! Evidence of violation of our smoke free principle will result in a 150 EUR charge! Smoking is allowed only outside at the assigned places (5 meters from the back entrance door).

Bringing in alcohol is forbidden. Any evidence of violation will entail an extra charge (irrespectively of the amount).
On the premises of the hotel under 18s cannot drink alcohol.

Proper attire is required in public areas of the hotel. Pets are not allowed into the hotel's restaurant.

Equipment of the rooms and the hotel must not be taken out of its premises. The guest is responsible for damages caused to hotel´s property according to applicable regulations and is asked to report them at the reception desk. When damages caused by breaking the rules or rough handling, the hotel has the right to claim compensation.

From 22 pm to 6 am disturbing silence is prohibited.

The devices of the Hotel should be used properly as intended. In the case of any damage caused, it must be reimbursed by the causer or its lawful representative.

The hotel is entitled to withdraw from the contract to provide accommodation-service with immediate effect, and to be free from all obligation to provide services, if:
  • the Guest does not use the room, or the building rendered for his/her use properly.
  • the Guest does not observe the security and order of the accommodation site, treats the employees in an objectionable or rough manner, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and displays menacing, offensive or otherwise unacceptable behaviour.
  • the Guest/Contracting Party does not meet his/her advance payment obligation by the agreed deadline.
In the public areas of the hotel electronic surveillance system is installed with the aim of providing safety and security services. The hotel only takes responsibility for values placed in the safe at the reception. Before checking out, please close the room door.

It is compulsory for every guest to keep the fire and accident prevention regulations. The causer or its lawful representative takes financial responsibility for any damage caused because of the usage, without just cause, of the manual fire-alarm appliances placed in the building of the hotel.

In the room it is prohibited to store any flammable materials or explosives, or operate coffeemakers, electric kettles, or any other electric machines (for example: coffee maker, kettle, iron or other electrical equipment) brought from home!
Please read the additional fire safety rules in the in-room information folder after arrival

Little dogs or cats (< 15 kg) are permitted in the hotel at a price of 20 EUR / night /pet.
Pets are not allowed into the hotel's restaurant.

Food allergy / intolerance
We also offer options to those with lifestyle dining request or special dietary requests (Lactose- Glutenfree or vegetarian). Guests should make a note of any special dietary requests at the time of booking their dining or hotel reservation.

We kindly ask our guests that in case of comments about the hotel’s services, the behaviour of other guests, the look of the hotel rooms please immediately contact the reception where we will endeavour to solve the problem as soon as possible. We cannot help in case of follow-up comments after leaving the hotel. Thank you for your cooperation.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Hotel Millennium!

Yours faithfully, Olga Pongrácz | Director


House Rules - download here.