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Spa and therapy


Thanks to the tested and qualified medicinal water, more than forty treatments will be available with medical attention, including several medicinal massages, mud-cure, underwater jet massage, medicinal gymnastics, inhalation, soft-laser, and the full palette of electro- magnet and light therapies.
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The development of town Hajdúszoboszló was stimulated by the wonderful medicinal water found 80 years ago by the searching activity of geologist dr. Ferenc Pávai Vajna. During the past seven decades our spa became world famous. With the significant developments of the last years, we have been making serious efforts to raise our facilities on European niveau, we can even give the sick people their joy for life back, futhermore: we can provide unforgottable relaxation for more and more families in our spa and entertaining water centre. We hope that providing quality services on European standards we will be able to receive any nation's visitors, and serve as good example in the society of Hungary's legendary spas.

In 1925, Hajdúszoboszló, during a search - drilling for oil ; thermal water appeared from the depth, 1100 m, at 75 OC. According the analyses it turned out that the water contained iodine, bromine, salt, hydrocarbonate as well as bitumen ( including oestrogen ) and different trace elements: vanadium, copper, zinc, silver, strontium, barium, lead.


  Contents.   (mg/I)

OKI (1994)

Kálium K+


Nátrium Na+


Ammónium Nh4


Kálcium Ca2+


Magnézium Mg2+


Vas Fe2+


Mangán Mn2+


Lítium Li+


Aluminium Al+++



Kations together


Nitrát NO3


Nitrit No2


Klorid Cl2-


Bromid Br-


Jodid J-


Fluorid F-


Szulfát SO42-


Hidrogénkarbonát HCO3-


Szulfid S2-


Összes foszfát PO43-


Karbonát CO32-



Bath cures in our spa have beneficial effcct at presence of the following illnesses:

1. Chronic joint inflammation ( polyarthritis chr. sec. )
2. Degenerative joint problems ( arthrosis )
3. Different acute inflammatory degenerative problems of spine ( spondylosis M. Bechterew; chondrosis )
4. Chronic problems, inflammations of the nervous system ( neuralgia; neuritis )
5. Rehabilitation from Heine - Medin desease; cerebral haemorrhage, brain operation or follow - up treatment from any paralyses.
6. Acute muscle pains ( myalgia )
7. Rehabilitation from general and sport injures
8. Stimulates appearance of callus in case of bonebreaks - being recovered with difficulties
9. Certain locomotor disorders.
10. Chronic gynaecological problems
11. Infertility
12. Acute skin problems


Visit the spa as a bather is not recommended for those who are suffering from the following deseases:

1. Acute inflammatory deseases
2. Any forms of cancer or fargone malignant tumor
3. Circulatory disorder
4. Serious raise of blood - pressure
5. Tubercolosis deseases
6. Serious illness of central nervous system
7. Epidemy
8. Epidemic skin desease
9. And also for those who are pregnant