Dear Guest,

Hereby we have to inform you, that we will renovate our hotels: Béke, Flóra. The renovation works will last for a longer period whilst the hotel is kept closed. We ask for your patience and kind understanding. Thank you for choosing us so far, stay our loyal customer during the time of renovation, which will allow us to welcome you in an embellished and fully renovated hotel.

Indications, contraindications

The curing effect of the water cure of the spa has been proven for the following diseases:

1. arthritis chronic (poly-arthritis chr.),
2. degenerative lesions in the joints (arthrosis),
3. different chronic inflammations and degenerative lesions of the backbone (spondylosis, M.Bechterew, chondrosis),
4. chronic neuralgic pains,
5. neuritis (neuralgia, neuritis),
6. after-treatment of paralysis following the Heine-Medin disease, apoplexy, operation on the brain or other diseases,
7.chronic muscle pains (myalgia),
8.aftertreatment of injuries and sporting injuries,
9.facilitating the callus development in case of bone injuries healing with difficulties,
10. certain types of contraction of the vessels,
11.chronic gynecological diseases (adnexitis chr.),
12 infertility, chronic skin diseases, (eczema, psoriasis, pruritus).

Visiting the spa as a bather is not recommended for those who are suffering from the following deseases:

1. Acute inflammatory deseases
2. Any forms of cancer or fargone malignant tumor
3. Circulatory disorder
4. Serious raise of blood - pressure
5. Tubercolosis deseases
6. Serious illness of central nervous system
7. Epidemy
8. Epidemic skin desease
9. Pregnancy