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Cultural attractions

Many people think that life on the shores of Lake Balaton only happens during the high season in summer, but we have good news for you:

Besides the charm of Balatonalmádi, its incredible natural endowments, and the sights and culture of the city and the surrounding area, our hotel also promises many opportunities for activities and recreation in addition to wellness, beauty, and gastronomic experiences.


We decorated our underpass with oil paintings, digital photos, graphics and watercolours by artists from Balatonalmádi. With the six-monthly renewed exhibition, we intend to show the works of our talented artists to as many people as possible.

“Handshake” Europe Sculpture Park

Handshake Europe Sculpture Park was founded in 2013. The works of Hungarian and European artists have been given a worthy place in the beautiful St. Elizabeth's Grove. Every two years, a different country will be introduced by several statues. First, we had the chance to welcome Italy under the sycamore trees. We can find the beautiful gift of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory, entitled “Handshake”, among the permanent works.

Holy Right Chapel

The story of the Holy Right Chapel is so adventurous that it requires more research and reading. It was lying in the castle of Buda for a long time, while a collapsed floor of the royal palace was protecting it from destruction. Finally, in the fifties, the chapel's interior was transported by truck to Balatonalmádi, where experts' hands restored it. The walls have been preserving the bone relic of Happy Gizella since 2007, so Balatonalmádi became the first pilgrimage site for the Holy Hungarian Royal Family.