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Tihany Abbey

Tihanyi Apátság

The Benedictine monastery in Tihany was founded by King Andrew I (1046-1060) in 1055 in honour of St. Anne and the Virgin Mary. The founding king was buried here in 1060. The founding certificate of the monastery is the oldest certificate in Hungary, which was preserved in its original form. In its Latin text, Hungarian words and expressions were also used. Consequently, this feature makes it the oldest written memory of the Hungarian language.

Bob of Balaton - Balatonfűzfő

Nyári bob - Balatonfűzfő

Built around two bob tracks (1.5 kilometres in total!), the leisure and excursion sites are open all year round. In addition to bobsledding, there are many more - partly free! -  entertainments. The bobsledding itself is a double experience, as it is the longest double bob track in Hungary on which the bobs run on a rail.

Herend Porcelain Manufactory

Herendi porcelán

Herend is the centre of artistic porcelain production in Hungary. Until quite recently, only a selected few could explore the mystery of the creation of these wonderful examples of masterful craftsmanship. Today, it is an opportunity open to everyone. The first Herend porcelain was born within the walls of the Herend Porcelain Museum, and it is now a listed building in which, in 1826, the founder began his attempts to produce porcelain.

Adventure Park Nosztori

Nosztori Kalandpark

The theme park opened its doors to visitors in the summer of 2013 with the goal of making the magical possibilities of nature a part of our daily lives. An endless line of leisure games welcomes visitors on 3.5 hectares, where all ages can find the ideal leisure activity in an active environment.

Veszprém Zoo

Veszprémi Állatkert

The Veszprém Zoo is a rural zoo with the most significant traditions in Hungary. It is the most popular tourist destination in the Central Transdanubia Region. It is situated only 15 km away from Lake Balaton and a short walk from the centre of Veszprém. The Zoo, which offers an unforgettable experience for young and old, opened its doors on August 1, 1958, and was built with excellent social cooperation in just five months.

Hegyestű Geological Visitor Site - Monoszló

The 'keeper' of the gate of the Káli Basin is Hegyestű which can be found between Zánka and Monoszló reaching as high as 337 metres. The hill shows a proper cone shape viewed from the direction of Lake Balaton. The northern part of the hill has been quarried, however, the remaining nearly 50-metre-high mine-wall reveals the inside of the basalt volcano which was active 8 million years ago. The stiff lava in the crater of the volcano during the stiffening process split up into several vertical polygonal columns. This sight is unique in Hungary, and it is a rare spectacle also in Europe.

Sobri Jóska Adventure Park - Kislőd

Sobri Jóska Élménypark

Sobri Jóska Adventure Park in Kislőd awaits its guests all year round. The park offers many games (cable car, bob, laser combat, archery, and many other opportunities) for families, groups of friends, and companies. Don't miss out on visiting this vast adventure park!

Annagora Aquapark

Annagora Aquapark

Adventure bath, slide park, the second largest wave bath in Hungary, an iced drink, a beautiful panorama of Lake Balaton, and all this, only 500 meters from the shore.