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Spa and Therapy

Relaxation and recreation for people of all ages

Covered, half-covered and open-air swimming pools offer bathing opportunities in the park full of shady trees. We offer our guests several family-sized and children’s pool with medicinal water, which are suitable for sports as well.

Besides bathing opportunities there are playgrounds for entertaining children. In addition to the usual jungle gyms, slides and swings, a water playground with special elements is waiting for the youngest.

Besides the family Acapulco Bay and its wave and jumping bay, a hammock Park has been created which the guests of the spa can use for free. There is nothing more enjoyable on a hot summer afternoon than having some rest under the shady trees in a hammock!

The outdoor slide complex includes four slides, and offers an unforgettable experience for both young and adults. The parents and children can use the family slide together, the anaconda slide is long and winding, with its sudden falls the kamikaze slide is recommended for the most daring guests while the unique onion slide makes you twirl around before splashing into the water.

There are various sport grounds (beach volleyball, foot tennis, small-sided grass-covered football pitch, beach football with small goals and streetball) available for our guests loving sport, as well as table tennis and organised sports and entertainment opportunities.
Besides having a bath and using the slides, the children may use an indoor playroom equipped with colourful toys, and there are spacious relaxing areas and comfortable hammocks for those, who prefer relaxation.

For those, who want culinary joy, we also offer everything to tease the tongue, the eyes: in the spa there are area several restaurants and bars.

Relaxation with a lifetime experience

The indoor spa offers relaxation for people of all ages: the fun pool with the watercourse ride, jacuzzi and neck massage provides an unforgettable experience. The younger children have the opportunity to splash in the paddling pool, and get familiar with the water world in the Shark Cave equipped with interactive elements. Spacious rest zones and comfortable deck chairs are available.

The daring guests will surely enjoy the indoor adventure slide system: the light and colour effects of the adventure slides will also contribute to a special adventure.

In the park of the adventure bath, our guests can enjoy a relaxing time in a calm and green environment. In the adventure zone, the Heart Pool with medicinal water also provides an opportunity for healing. The pool with four compartments, called Four Seasons Pool, is filled with medicinal and drinking water and it is suitable for a perfect relaxation.

Sauna world

Sauna lovers will be welcome to an exclusive sauna world including a tepidarium, steam baths, infra sauna, an aroma sauna, an outdoor devil’s sauna and Finnish wood saunas for relaxation and refreshment.After having spent some time in the sauna cabins, our guests may enjoy the indoor sauna rest zone and the atmospheric sauna gardens. In addition to the indoor and outdoor cold-water immersion pools, our Kneipp-pool and indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis will ensure a perfect sauna experience.

The cabins of the sauna world:

  • Aroma Steam Cabin
  • Finnish Rock Sauna
  • Herbal cabin
  • Infra cabin
  • Crystal Steam Cabin
  • Tepidarium
  • Aroma sauna
  • Devil’s sauna
  • Finnish wood sauna
  • Ice cabin

Guests are welcome to unique Sauna Séances held by our sauna masters.

The sauna is a textile-free zone!

Medical wellness

The Medical Wellness department of Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa® has been renewed based on the fundamentals with several decades of experience of the bath therapy. Each detail implies quality and sends the message to you: be healthier, relax and recover! We have aligned the unique spa offer in Hungary with the high quality standard of the environment: we await your with special baths, relaxing massages, warmly covering masks and skin regenerating body treatments at the Medical Wellness department.

The smooth and relaxing vapour with the fine scent of the Alpine hay takes your senses to the crystal clear mountains. We have prepared high quality massage cream, mask and cosmetics from the well-known and beloved medicinal water of Bük, so we use their well-doing effects in the course of the massages and therapies healing the body, spirit and soul as well. The traditional healing cures of Bükfürdő, which have proven their efficiency since decades, remain available on a standard higher, than ever. Our medical specialists have prepared a special program with the healing cures and the new spa treatments. The Osteoporosis Program of Bükfürdő reacts with a nature-friendly and overall lifestyle program to one of the endemics of today, to the osteoporosis, which offers a personalized solution without any medicines and pains for the relief of the existing symptoms and for their prevention.

Get familiarized with the offer of the Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa® Medical Wellness, and let Bükfürdő pamper your body and fill your soul!

Medicinal water

Due to their high mineral content medicinal waters may be used for therapeutic purposes after clinical examinations, and can be successfully applied for health preservation and wellness, as well as medical wellness services. In addition, they have an important role in the prevention of illnesses and the improvement of general wellbeing, which is increasingly valuable in our modern, busy world.

The miraculous thermal waters of Bükfürdő, each qualified as medicinal water, reach the surface through four wells.

The unique components of the medicinal waters of Bük with over 15 000 mg/l minerals including alkali hydrogen carbonate, calcium, magnesium and fluorine have special beneficial effects on the body. Potassium chloride reduces inflammation, calcium and fluorine have an important role in the metabolic processes of bones, and magnesium is beneficial for muscle functions, while carbon dioxide improves circulation.

Medicinal water is suitable for the treatment of almost all kinds of locomotor diseases, and can be successfully applied for spondylosis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, discopathia, lumbago, Bechterew syndrome, chronic arthritis, gout, soft-tissue rheumatism, rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery and neurosurgery, aftercare of accidents, chronic gynaecological and urological inflammations, chronic gastritis, ulcer and indigestion.
In addition, medicinal water may be used as a drinking cure for the treatment of chronic gastritis, ulcer and indigestion, as well as the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

The real effect of the water could result from medicinal cures (over 1, 2 or 3 weeks), but staying in the water for shorter periods may also prove beneficial.

The beneficial effects of the medicinal waters are complemented with a variety of traditional and modern therapeutic methods applied in the Institute for Physiotherapy. Acknowledged medical specialist and trained medical staff ensure recreation and relaxation under ideal circumstances.

Due to the combined impact of the medicinal waters and treatments the various complaints may be eased or terminated and the harmony of body and soul regained.

By the decree 37/1996 (X. 18.) NM, children under the age of 14 are not allowed in the medicinal pool.


  • spondylosis
  • arthrosis
  • osteoporosis
  • discopathia
  • lumbago
  • Bechterew syndrome
  • chronic arthritis
  • gout
  • soft-tissue rheumatism
  • rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery and neurosurgery
  • aftercare of accidents
  • chronic gynaecological and urological inflammations
  • chronic gastritis
  • ulcer
  • indigestion


  • severe cardiovascular disease
  • thrombosis
  • malignant tumours
  • tuberculosis
  • acute inflammatory diseases
  • pregnancy

Drinking cure

  • The medicinal waters of Bük may be applied also as a drinking cure.
  • They are particularly effective for the treatment of chronic gastritis, ulcer and indigestion, as well as the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.
  • Recommendations:
  • Drink 1 dl medicinal water before your meal.
  • Always drink medicinal water at room temperature.
  • Drink slowly, taking small sips.
  • Consult your doctor about drinking medicinal water. Unless otherwise recommended, the beneficial effects of our medicinal waters of special components may be best utilized if our modern therapeutic treatments are complemented with using the waters for bathing as well.

For more information about The Medical Spa of Bük:
Bükfürdő Health and Adventure Centre