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Room reservation

3300 Eger, Szálloda út 1-3. Route planning
Phone +36-36-522-200

Eger, Hotel Eger & Park - Hotel Eger

At the Hotel Eger part of the building, where you can find the

Pets are allowed on the first floor rooms of Hotel Eger building. When booking, please be sure to indicate the arrival of your pet. The extra charge of the pet, regardless of size: 3.500 HUF / night.


Standard double room

Spend a few days with your partner in our double rooms for maximum comfort!
The Hotel Eger has a total of 122 standard double rooms on 4 floors. Stairs and lifts are provided for the levels. 107 rooms have a balcony / balconies overlooking onto the courtyard of the Archbishop's Garden or the street front, the total area of these rooms (including bathroom, hall, balcony) is 22 m2.

Bathrooms feature bathtub or shower.
15 double rooms do not have a balcony, these rooms have an area of 22-25 m2 (with bathroom, foreground).
(22-25 m2 - 2 pax - Shower/bathtub - with/withour balcony)

Refreshment is guaranteed in our quieter rooms overlooking the courtyard or our double rooms coloured by the evening lights of the town! Would you like a romantic foam bath or a quick shower before your evening party? It is possible, because our double rooms have a bath and shower room!

Connecting double room

We recommend it for lovers of spacious spaces who prefer a relaxed stay. Two full rooms, two entrances and two bathrooms, yet with a sense of separation.

2 standard rooms joined.These rooms are comfortable to accommodate 2+2 pax
Of the 122 standard double rooms, 64 have balconies, which can be joined in pairs. The rooms are separated by double, soundproofed key-locked doors.
Bathrooms feature shower.
These rooms have an area of 2 x 22-25 m2 (with balcony, bathroom, foreground).
(2x 22-25 m2 - 2 pax - Shower - with balcony)

Comfort room

It is the perfect choice for guests with children as well as for those who wish to have a more larger living room and choose an uplifting reading in the room's sofa.
These rooms are suitable for 2 + 1 people, with two full beds and an extra bed in the couch.
These rooms do not have a balcony and the bathrooms have a shower.

The number of our comfortable rooms is 26, their floor area (including bathroom, hall) is 24-30 m2.
(25-28 m2 - 2+1, 2+2 pax - Bathtub/Shower - without Balcony)

Family room

Separate yet closed, as the two airspaces meet every need for a relaxing day in the family.
Our 3 family rooms with two air spaces and four beds have a total area of 33 m2.
It has four full beds and a shared bathroom with shower.
Our family rooms do not have a balcony.
(33 m2 - 2+2 pax - Bathtub/Shower - without Balcony)

Junior suite

Its balcony offers special views to our guests, and due to its floor space and facilities it can be transformed into up to 3 air spaces.
The Junior Suite is one of the newest room types in the new wing of the Hotel Eger, opened at the end of 2017, even in a separate corridor. Each of the three suites has a wheelchair access and views of the Archbishop's Garden, but all rooms have a balcony.
The suites have two open spaces, one bedroom and a living room, and a bathroom with shower. The sofa bed in the living room provides comfortable seating for 1 adult or child under 2 to 12 years.
According to the guests' feedback, both have an LCD TV in the airspace, and the other amenities do not differ from the other rooms of the hotel. - On request, one of these rooms can be combined with one standard double room to accommodate up to 3 units.
(28 m2 - 2+1, 2+1 pax - Shower - Balcony)

Apartman room

If comfort is the same as large space, then we recommend you our apartment rooms! Spacious rooms and a living room with sofa bed allow all family members a private space during the holidays.
There are 2 apartment rooms in this wing. Comfortable, spacious rooms with two full beds and a living room with a sofa bed. The total floor area of the rooms is 37,2 m2. Rooms also have a balcony. The bathroom has a bathtub.
(37,2 m2 - 2+1, 2+2 fő - Bathtub - with Balcony)

Single room

We recommend it for guests arriving alone, whether it is for business or transit, the right choice.
We have 8 single rooms. The rooms do not have a balcony, the total area (including bathroom) is 14-16 m2. Bathrooms feature showers.
(14 m2 - 1 pax - Whoer/bathtub - without Balcony)

Twin room

The twin beds make the nights comfortbale and relax.
12 rooms have fixed twin beds. The total floor space (including bathroom) is 16 m2. The bathroom has a shower and the rooms do not have a balcony.
(16 m2 - 1+1 pax + Bathtub - without Balcony)

Room for the disabled

Due to its special design, our rooms, which satisfy every need, are warmly recommended to our guests with reduced mobility.
(29 m2 - 2 pax + Shower - with Balcony)