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Medical treatment


After a medical examination, with a GP referral, you are approved for medical treatments funded by health insurance. Prior appointment is required! (May not work with foreign guests)

Additional information +36 36 522 217

Treatment information:

  • Specialist referral prior to treatment is required.
  • Treatments are available 7 days a week at a pre-arranged time
  • Treatments are 85% reimbursed by the social security body, so a minimum fee per treatment is required.
  • Holders of a public health certificate can obtain free treatment.
  • Voluntary Health Insurance Fund members may claim ticket prices back from the Insurance body.


  • Hydrotherapy: A combination of treatments that utilize the physical properties of water, such as temperature, flow, buoyancy.
  • Underwater Jet Massage (Tangentor): An underwater jet massage is performed by a person who is qualified in hydro-balneotherapy (physiotherapist, medical masseur), in accordance with professional regulations. This treatment uses the combined effect of a hot bath and massage to relieve muscle pains and relax the muscles.
    Duration of treatment: 15 minutes
  • Therapeutic Massage: Therapy for therapeutic rehabilitation and prevention carried out by a masseur physician. Mechanical stimulation of the skin, subcutaneous connective tissue, muscle. It improves blood circulation locally and by reflex effect, relieves pain. Certain grips, kneading, vibration and shaking of the limb are muscle relaxants, rubbing and tapping are more muscle toning.
  • Physiotherapy: The purpose of physiotherapy is to prevent and cure musculoskeletal disorders by means of movement therapy, since the recovery of the movement function can only be achieved with the help of movement. With the help of properly executed special exercises, improving circulation, improving joint functions, strengthening muscles, we can quickly and efficiently regain our movement skills, preventing other, severe conditions.
  • Physical Therapy Treatments: The most common task of physiotherapy is to reduce or eliminate pathological symptoms and to perform treatments that cannot be replaced by other treatments. Electrotherapy is one of the most commonly used treatments available to our patients at our hotel. We perform acute and degenerative joint disorders, spinal cord injuries, muscle pain, various musculoskeletal disorders, rehabilitation treatments after sports and other injuries. Our treatments: therapeutic, iontophoresis, diadinamic, tens, selective stimulus current, kowarschik treatment and polarized light therapy (Bioptron lamp)
  • Balneotherapy: Treatments based on the chemical (dissolved minerals), physical (temperature, pressure, resistance) and mechanical effects of water, which help to loosen muscles, joints and reduce pain.


  • Parafango: Mud mixed with paraffin heated to 38-40 ° C, placed in a hot wrap according to medical prescription on the painful part of the body. The wrap improves blood circulation, oxygen supply to body tissues and relieves pain.
  • Duration of treatment: 20 minutes

  • Contraindications to treatment: Local skin lesions, skin diseases, varicose veins, acute febrile illnesses, infections, pregnancy, menstruation, more severe circulatory failure, heart failure, malignancy, hemorrhage. Caution should also be exercised in the treatment of anticoagulants.