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3300 Eger, Szálloda út 1-3. Route planning
Phone +36-36-522-200

Eger, Hotel Eger & Park - Spa section


Wellness is a lifeform, which guarantees total freedom. There are no strict rules, everyone can maintain their health in the way that best suits them. It’s not campaign-like, like slimming diets, but you can still maintain your ideal weight with it. It teaches you proper, healthy diet, makes you enjoy healthy foods, become fitter, more energetic and healthier. We have designed our spa section, so that we can provide up to date services for everyone who enjoys the wellness lifestyle.


Pool temperatures:

Other services include:

Under or masseur’s hands, not only the body, but the soul also refreshes. We offer traditional, therapeutic and special massages as well.

Our air conditioned gym offers the latest cardio and conditioning machines, which entice even those guests, who usually don’t live an active life. In our aqua world, we often hold water gymnastics, sauna aromatherapy and for the children, contests.

For additional information, please ask at the Wellness reception

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