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Eger, Hotel Eger & Park - Sensolite


Sensolite is a polarized light therapy medical device for the treatment of the whole body, which can be used in many fields of healing.

Nearly 1000 special light sources provide healing and regeneration. You could also say that the Bioptron lamp was the "little brother" of the Sensolite polarized light therapy bed.

The procedure is not an alternative treatment, but it is proven by clinical studies and scientific researches that is helps against various diseases.

Its application can be more effective as it complements and improves the methods of traditional medicine and increases the effectiveness of the applied therapies. It can help to heal and accelerate the cure of many diseases and the recovery of patients.

It has a significant role in the prevention of disease. It provides vital organs with more efficient development, functioning, better physical and mental fitness and resilience in a healthy body.

Polarized light significantly and selectively affects the immune system and reduces inflammation. In addition to its effects on the immune system, it has an extremely positive effect on wound healing.

After surgery, its effect is twofold, on the one hand it accelerates the healing of wounds, on the other hand it improves the general condition and health of the patients. It quickly relieves pain and consequently improves mobility.

Exercises and physical therapy can be more effective in less time. This way, it plays an important role in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

Significant curative effects have also been described after various surgical, hand surgical, and traumatic interventions, where patients have achieved a reduction in pain and sensory impairment and resulted in faster wound healing. The antidepressant effect of light is well known and can be used with good results in depression and stress.

Experiences gained in everyday use:

In addition to the above, it is also recommended:

We also have excellent results in improving the physical and mental fitness of healthy individuals or active athletes and healing their sports injuries, proven and tracked by diagnostic tools.

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Sensolite cannot be substituted for proper medical treatments!