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Medicinal waters of Eger


The mineral springs of Eger located at the southern foot of the Bükk mountains rise from the karst waters of the range. A favourable effect of the mineral springs of Eger on various kinds of illnesses, and especially on rheumatic diseases, was already know in the Turkish epoch (15th - 16th centuries). The curative power of these waters can first off all be explained by their slight radioactivity and by a prosperous effect of various trace elements contained in them on the vital functions of the organism. On the basis of complete analyses the medicinal waters of Eger may be divided into four groups.

  1. Simples radioactive medicinalo water. In its content of mineral salts calcium magnesium hydrocarbonate is dominant. The dose of radon emitted during treatment with this water is 1000 to 3000 times lower than a detrimental toxic dose. It has been proved that this water in many respects stimulates vital functions of the human organism.
  2. Simple sluphurous medicinal water, in the composition of which the dominal element is sulphide.
  3. Sulphurous medicinal water with calcium hydrocarbonate. Sulphur plays an important part in functioning of the metabloism of substances in connective tissue and cartilage. When used for drinking cures, its effect of increasing secretion of gastric acid and stimulating peristalsis is in the forefront.
  4. Mineral and medicinal water containing hydrogen carbonate with iodic and bromic alkali chloride. It may primarily be used against thyroid diseases (currently is not used).

Apart from the above mentioned elements the medicinal waters of Eger contain 51 kinds of trace elements; among them the most valuable are those that are neccessary for maintaining life, influence functioning of the cells and processes of catalyzing. They are also indispensable for functioning of the enzyme system.