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Visit my cosmetic centre to experience the luxury, calmness and relaxation during the treatments!

Opening hours:
by appointment in person or via the hotel reception

Looking forward to seeing you!
Kővári Judit
JANSSEN reference cosmetician, makeup artist and masseur


Eyelashes Tinting 700 HUF
Eyebrow Tinting 600 HUF
Eyebrow Correction 500 HUF
Mustache, chin 500 HUF/zone
cheeks, eyebrow 500 HUF/zone
Arm 900 HUF
Lower Leg 1000 HUF
Tigh 1000 HUF
Full Leg 2000 HUF
Underarm 900 HUF
Standard Bikini Line 1000 HUF
Hollywood 2000 HUF
Day Make- Up 2000 HUF
Evening Make- Up 3000 HUF

For my treatments I use the German high-quality, professional JANSSEN COSMETICS.
JANSSEN Cosmeceutical treatments integrate a new generation of herbal and marine extracts along with
bio-technological ingredients to provide innovative skin care products.

Intensive Luxury Treatments 90 minute
With aging the cell division decreases and the process of regenerating takes longer. The negative impacts, such as UV radiation reduces the stem cells’ capability for reproduction. In this case the vegetal stem cells are particularly useful for human skin.

Stem-cell Treatment 9 900 HUF


Massages facilitate the respiration, reduce stress, calm the nerves and help to get rid of the inner burden.

Relaxing Massage, 30 minutes
face-neck 3 000 HUF
face-neck-décolleté 4 000 HUF

This massage makes the skin tissue strong and tense, helps in the roughage removal, tranquilizes and nourishes the skin, the slightly spicy
fragrances help to relax.

Skin Cleansing 5 500 HUF
Skin Cleansing+ ultrasound 7 000 HUF

(cleansing with lotion, thermo peeling mask, toning, deep cleansing, disinfection, astringent mask, massage)
While the appearance of teen acne is one of those things that most of us take completely for granted, adolescence acne cannot be considered normal. Acne is one of the most common skin problems that appear over the last few years. 1,5-2,5 hours

Ultrasound, 15 minute 2 000 HUF
Micro-massage, that is able to get more centimetres deep into the skin, maintaining the active substance absorption, the anti-wrinkle
efficiency, the lymphatic circulation and reducing inflammation. Any application can be integrated into treatment

Classical Facial Treatments, 60 minutes
Face-neck 6 300 HUF
Face-neck-décolleté 7 300 HUF
All the treatments are tailor made to suit every skin type. My classic facial range will suit all age groups and skin conditions. (cleansing, peeling, toning, ampoule ultrasound therapy, massage with active substances, moisturizing face masks)

Refreshing Treatment, 45 minutes
Face-neck 4 300 HUF
Face-neck-décolleté 5 300 HUF
(facial cleansing milk, peeling, toning, massage cream-drug, vials, nourishing cream mask)

Renovating Treatment, 45 minutes
Face-neck 4 800 HUF
Face-neck-décolleté 5 800 HUF
(facial cleansing milk, peeling, toning, ultrasonic drug intake, both active massage cream)

Filling Treatment 60 minutes
Face-neck 6 800 HUF
Face-neck-décolleté 7 800 HUF
(facial cleansing milk, peeling, toning, ultrasonic drug intake, both active cream massage, seaweed mask)

Facial Masks

Cream Masks, 20 minutes - 1 500 HUF
Effective cream masks for all skin types.
Algae Masks, 20 minutes - 2 000 HUF
Peel Off Masks – Unique algae based, mixed powder masks that energize, revitalize the skin with natural active substances.

Intensive Luxury Masks 20 minute
Bio-Cellulose Masks 3 500 HUF

The nano cellulose stripe masks are soaked previously in active substance concentrate.
These treatments are ideal for all skin types that are somehow dehydrated.