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Eger, Fürdő u. 5. Route planning
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Eger, Hunguest Hotel Flóra - Turkish Spa

Dear Guest,

Hereby we have to inform you, that we will renovate our hotels: Hunguest Hotel Bál Resort, Béke, Flóra, Helios and Répce. The renovation works will last for a longer period whilst the hotel is kept closed. We ask for your patience and kind understanding. Thank you for choosing us so far, stay our loyal customer during the time of renovation, which will allow us to welcome you in an embellished and fully renovated hotel.

Since the end of 2009 September, the unique Turkish Spa has been opened to its guests. It is unique in the northern region and it is really rare even on the national level.

At the beginning of the 17th century, next to the original Turkish pool, five pools (ilidzsa), saunas, massage, vapour bath, and hamamm (traditional Turkish vapour bath) were built. In addition, aesthetic elements and intimate lighting were added to the seating areas, which strengthened the Turkish atmosphere even more.

The uniqueness of the Turkish Spa is provided by the Turkish atmosphere, the relaxing bathing and the massage. Our guests can feel the original Turkish atmosphere by the use of architectural elements.

Main services:

Opening hours

At hotel's reception, our quests can buy tickets to the Turkish Spa at a reduced price.