Conference room for 120 people, a smaller section room for 20 persons, and there is another one for 35 people, attached to our restaurant. Technical equipments: overhead projector, video, television, amplifier, flip-chart, podium, telefon, fax, pulpit, microphone, public address system, projector. Further information:

Available conference rooms, detailed information, plans:

 Theatre room
Hunguest Hotel Helios, szálloda Hévízen, konferenciaszálloda, rendezvény Hévíz
Area: 133 m2
Head room: 3.00 m
Theatre: 170 Persons
School:  100 Persons
Banquette: 50 Persons
Reception: 150 Persons
Measurement of the doors: 1.80 m x 2.10 m
Natural light: Yes
Artificial light: Yes
Full blackout: No
Airconditioning: Neo

Kutas room


60 m2
Head room: 2.30 m
Theatre: 40 Persons
School:  36 Persons
Banquette: 32 Persons
Reception: 50 Persons
Natural light: Yes
Artificial light:: Yes
Full blackout: No
Airconditioning: No


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