Harmony of mind, body, and spirit...


Wellness refreshing massage: 20 min. 12 EUR
Otherwise healthy people who move little and work in a sitting position often suffer from back and muscle pain. The massage is a therapy which mobilizes the muscles and enhances blood circulation. The relaxed, pleasant body feeling causes a tranquil but refreshed state of mind. The effect is enhanced by special massage oils.
Aroma massage: 20 min. 15 EUR, 40 min. 26 EUR
A light body massage, performed with our special aromatic materials, which are made of the finest oils and plant extracts. Due to the effect of the massage oils, the relaxing, energizing and vitalizing effects are multiplied, while the skin will also become smoother. Recommended for everyone looking for refreshment and relaxation.
  • Relaxing and regeneration: because of its refreshing effect, we recommend it against fatigue and exhaustion. It improves the mood and enhances blood circulation in the skin. Used oils: orange and lavender.
  • Balancing: helps full relaxation and synergy with our environment. Used oils: lemon, rose tree, rosemary, cinnamon.
  • Energizing: we recover our old energy, fills up our soul, enhances circulation. The skin will be tighter and more refreshed. Used oils: peppermint, rosemary, basil.
Swedish massage: 20 min. 14 EUR
The Swedish massage is a massage type, based on Western medical traditions. It is probably the best known massage treatment. It is performed on the entire body, and aims at massaging through the muscles, tendons and joints. Enhancing the motoric functions, relaxes painfully stretched muscles. Most common practices in Swedish massage are the kneading, rubbing, slicking and vibrating movements. The slicking equally distributes the massage oil on the body, causing relaxation. The deep slickings are always directed towards the heart, which enhances blood circulation and warms up the muscles. The rubbing is continued on the back, the upper body, on the legs and near the buttocks. This relaxes the muscles, separates cramped muscle fibres and enhances their blood supply. To tone the muscles, we use light punches of different varieties, which can either be harder, weaker, faster and slower at times. The rubbing is done by two fingers on special parts of the body.
Foot massage: 30 min. 22 EUR
The basic thesis of foot massage lies in the fact that all of our organs in the body are connected to specific points on the soles of our feet. The ’broadcasting channels’ in this case are not the nerves but the energy tracks. Via the, by massaging specific parts of the feet, these organs may directly be stimulated or relaxed. In reverse cases, the pain caused by pressure applied on the feet may signify disorders in the organ to which it is connected. The meridians of Chinese acupuncture are also energy tracks - these aren’t proven sensory conductor systems such as veins or nerves. Here, the direction of the energy is prevalent. The proven successes related to foot massage show that these connections do exist.
Detoxifying lymph massage: 50 min. 29 EUR
The aim of this massage is to remove water and toxins from the tissue, which are caused by the disorders of the lymph system, and also to increase the performance of the immune system. It expedites the metabolic processes of the cells, and results in the increase of roughage expelled from the body. During the lymph massage we accelerate the exiting of expired lymph with pumping strokes in the heart’s direction. The treatment is also a mood enhancer: it activates the immune system, releases tension, has anti-inflammatory effects and tightens the skin.
Shiatsu massage: 50 min. 39 EUR
Shiatsu is a Japanese word, meaning ’finger pressure’, as, similarly to acupressure, the finger is used by the therapist. For stronger types of pressure, the therapist uses the palms of the hand, the elbow, the knee and even the soles of the feet.
The stretching movements also play an important role, similarly to yoga. It is fair to say that Shiatsu uses elements and know-how from yoga, manual therapy, acupuncture and traditional massage, and therefore has become the most effective massage of the 20th century. It is a great health preservation and treatment tool for disorders such as lower back pain, headache, metabolism issues. During the treatment, the guest wears sports attire. The whole body is massaged.
Shi Tao lava stone massage: 60 min. 29 EUR
A true experience for the body and soul, this special massage is performed using the combination of precious oils, warmed-up real lava stones and hands. We place the warm lava stones on certain energy points of the body, and stimulate the energy lines of the body with special massage and soft rubbing.
This way we deliver the energy of life into every cell in the body, called Qi (pronounced Chi) and balance the energy flow. This massage specialty helps the total relaxation of body and soul. The effect is enhanced by soft meditative music and exotic scents, therefore nearly all of our senses participate in achieving a state of perfect peace and relaxation.
Ayurveda massage: 60 min. 29 EUR
The literal meaning of Ayur-Veda is the science of life, and it is the classic medicine of India. Massage is an organic part of Ayur-Veda.
Ayur-Vedic massage is fundamentally different from Western medical massages. The difference is that the massage is performed with warm oil and it is applied on the entire body. It is the antidote against the stress of modern life. Regular massages restore the power and vitality, strengthens the immune system, relaxes the nervous system improves circulation, decreases sleep deprivation and joint disorders. Its purifying effect helps the body get rid of toxins, rejuvenating it. It restores the natural healthy state of the body, increases perseverance. The oily massage relaxes the muscles and helps the guest enter into a state of deep relaxedness. Many have a rejuvenated sensation after an Ayur-Vedic massage.
Traditional Thai massage: 50 min. 
The free flow of energy on energy tracks called ’Sen’ in the Thai language - this is the aim of Thai massage. This is achieved by pressing and stretching of the muscles, and by positioning the body into specific positions. Creating balance between body parts is done by massaging acupressure points, in order to reactivate imbalanced energies. The targeted massage helps full relaxation, recovery of balance both physically and mentally and fills the soul with optimism.
The Thai massage also loosens up the joints, stretches the muscles and stimulates quite a few organs. The massage is rhythmical and meditative, which makes it especially effective, bringing an uplifting feeling for the body, the soul and the spirit. During the treatment, the guest wears sports attire.
Yumeiho massage: 50 min. 
Unites traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine. Applies various massage techniques, restoring of bones and joints into original position, and acupressure. Effects: Generally increasing strength, enhances blood circulation, liberates dislocated spine vertebrae, re-freshens the whole body and harmonizes the relationship of body and soul. During the treatment, the guest wears sports attire.


Sea-salt bath: 15 min. 
Marine salt is an addendum extremely rich in minerals, detoxifying the skin and stabilizing its water content. Increases the ability of cells to regenerate and their metabolism. Therefore it has a hydrating effect, giving the skin back it natural balance.
Cleopatra bath: 15 min.
Cleopatra was probably the most famous empress of the world. According to the legend, she took a bath every day into which she put donkey milk and honey to preserve her beauty.
This beauty bath, containing special milk protein and relaxing vapour oils is especially aimed at providing a full luxurious feeling to the body and the mind. Its high protein content nourishes, relaxes the skin and adds a velvety feel to it, while supplying it with vitamins and minerals. It cleanses gently and prevents drying due to its excellent hydrating qualities.
Manager bath: 15 min. 
A perfect choice after the madness of business days. During the bath, the vapour oils have a calming effect on the body and the ragged nerves. The effect is enhanced with oils extracted from lemon grass, chamomile and lavender.
Goat-milk beauty bath: 15 min. 
Goat milk is a precious gift from Nature. Due to its unique components, it has an intensive effect on human metabolism, help skin regeneration by making it smooth, soft and velvety.
It has extraordinary nutritional and hydrating powers, enhanced by added Aloe Vera. Especially recommended for treating worn-out, de-hydrated skin.

Rose Bath: 15 min. 
Our ancestors had made use of the benevolent effects of flower-baths, which we have enhanced with the marine salt’s hydrating power. By binding moisture in the skin, rose oil stretches the human skin.
Almond flower bath: 15 min. 
A pleasantly scented bath, which protects and nourishes the skin. The bath, consisting of over 90% almond oil, rich in fat acids helps the skin retain its own natural protective layer, and makes it wonderfully soft. It is an excellent treatment for dry and sensitive skin.
Lavender bath: 15 min. 
The best way to forget about the outside world it to take a hop, pleasant-smelling bath. Lavender vapour oil balances the functions of the body, regenerates the skin and relaxes the nerves, to help achieve total relaxation.
Medical herbal bath: 15 min. 
The bath consists of added medical herbs and vapour oils to be breathed in. Suitable for treating muscle and joint pain, enhanced by chamomile, medical sage and rosemary.
Juniper bath: 15 min. 
The juniper oil helps tired muscles relax and by regenerating the body after the rush of the day’s work. It quickly and permanently enhances blood circulation and eliminates pain.


Body treatment with chocolate
Bath 15’, body peeling 15’, massage 20’, body pack 20’, body care 5’
The treatment starts with Cleopatra’s pleasant milk bath. Lactissimo is a rapidly dissolving, light powder material, which turns bathing into a luxury experience. The milk protein in it has a relaxing and nourishing effect. It offers an ideal bath for the body and the soul.
Following the bath, the peeling treatment contains cocoa beans, which penetrates the skin easily and enhances metabolism. The aroma of the cocoa can be felt immediately, and the addition of orange peel pieces and marine salts contribute to a beautiful, healthy skin.
After the full cleansing comes the massage. The Amazonia Massage Oil is a mixture of 3 excellent oils (grape seeds, jojoba and cocoa). It also got its name from the birthplace of cocoa.
The last stage is when we apply a luxurious chocolate powder mask, which is mixed by hand and therefore retains its pleasant temperature during the treatment. While the cocoa performs it magic on the skin, making it shiny and especially flexible, the body and soul find harmony.
As an ample conclusion to the treatment, we offer a cocoa body care treatment, the pleasant aroma of which will guarantee your great mood!
+ BONUS: hot chocolate in the Lobby Bar
Algae body treatment
Bath 15’, body peeling 15’, massage 20’, body pack 20’, body care 5’
Algae concentrate treatment helps metabolism and gives a beautiful, velvety skin. The ’Utah’ bathing salt with plant and algae extract has an especially good impact on the skin. The bath has a double effect: it nourishes the skin with valuable minerals and residuals, and contains added vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. The salt crystals serve both as an actively effective material and the distributors af the algae extracts. This is the exact combination which helps activate metabolism and achieve relaxation. After the pleasant bath, we use the ’Atlantic’ oxygen body peel, which enhances the skin. The peeling is followed by a full body massage. The basic component of the algae-massage oil is the grape-seed-oil, which provides the perfect texture for a massage. The fat acids, the vitamin E, flavonoids, lecithin and minerals all contribute to the formation of velvety and hydrated skin. This is followed by the warm body pack, containing brown and green algae extracts. The body relaxes as a response to warmth, and the circulation is enhanced so that the nutrients can be absorbed at the area of application, which is warmed up. The treatment concludes with the application of hydrating body care lotion, containing algae extract. It is an ideal finishing product in an algae treatment, absorbing really quickly, leaving the skin smooth and pleasantly scented.
+ BONUS: cup of green tea in the Lobby Bar
Green tea body treatment
Bath 15’, body peeling 15’, massage 20’, body pack 20’, body care 5’
In Japan, tea consumption is a ritual based on ancient traditions. Green tea is no doubt very healthy; its active components help people live a longer life. Due to its rejuvenating and mood-improving effect, it is a rather tempting wellness experience. The components of green tea are the real essences of life. Its components prevent aging, strenghten the immune system, bind free radicals and have a detoxifying effect. The wellness treatment starts with a pleasant de-toxicating green tea bath. The body cells, under stress, receive a real ’accelerating bomb’ from the green tea extract. After the bath, we rub the skin thoroughly clean with green tea granules. This is followed by the body massage, to which an excellent choice of massage oil, the ’Hainan’ jasmine massage oil will be used. This is an exotic massage oil for softening and hydrating the skin, without the unpleasant after-feel of greasy skin. The grape-seed and sesame oils help replenishing the hydration in the skin, while the jasmine and ylang-ylang oils improve the mood and strengthens the nervous system and its relaxation. Next comes the green tea thermal pack, which induces a warm feeling all along. The finishing act is the refreshing body care spray, with the pleasant aroma of green tea, which has a brightening, revitalizing effect and absorbs immediately.
+ BONUS: Japanese jasmine tea in the Lobby Bar
Grape body treatment
Bath 15’, body peeling 15’, massage 20’, body pack 20’, body care 5’
’In vino venustas!’, or ’Beauty lies in wine!’. Hippocrates had already dubbed it medication in the 5th century BC. When consumed responsibly, it significantly reduces blood cholesterol, improves vein elasticity, has an anti-aging and antioxidant effect and vitalizes the body.
The wine therapy starts with the Venisse wine bath, which by its grape-leaf granule content helps remove dead skin cells.
The next step is the intensive rubber-cleansing of the skin with grape-seed body peeling, containing mineral salts and lotus flower extract.
We perform the relaxing body massage with ’Vin 03’ coldly pressed grape-seed oil, whose touch is soft on the skin, making it elastic and soft.
After the massage comes the Bordeux grape body pack. This extremely tender red grape extract is an excellent anti-oxidant and skin rejuvenating material.
The ideal finishing product of the grape wellness ritual is the Vinesse body care lotion, containing red grape leaves, rich in calium, calcium salts and saharides, contributing to the restoration of the skin’s moisture content.
+ BONUS: 1 dl red wine in the Lobby Bar
ESSENCE OF PAPRIKA: Contour-enhancing: 
and detoxifying body treatment
Bath 15’, body peeling 15’, massage 20’, body pack 20’, body care 5’
We start off the treatment with a goat-milk bath, which boasts metabolism. Next comes the cherry stone-essence peeling, preparing the skin for the detoxifying massage. The pleasant massage milk rebuilds the tired, aged skin with the power of paprika, cleanses the blood veins and the lymph system. Paprika essence oil is medically proven to help dissolve and remove fat deposited in connective tissue. Playing a major role in skin tightening processes, it is the number one herbal essence used in curing lifeless, serous skin. It is also well used during treating rheumy and artiosclerosis. After massaging the pack onto the body parts to be treated (hip, thigh, rear) we apply a body-wrap to avoid the pack from drying so that the contents of the body-pack can penetrate the skin even deeper. The Rekongem-pack, besides the paprika, has beneficial components, some which also provide an anaesthetic effect.
At the end of the treatment, we soothe and cool down the skin with our special herbal products. These may not be used by Guests who show allergic reactions to Capsaicin or Methyl Salicylate! The body-pack has a warming, slightly prickling effect.
+ BONUS: one cup of Rooibos tea in the Lobby Bar
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