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Szeged, Hunguest Hotel Forrás - Conference

The fully renovated Hunguest Hotel Forrás offers everything that is needed for successful conferences. The renewed restaurant accomodating 400 persons, the lobby bar, the conference rooms (for 450, 150, 100, 80 and 50 persons), the section rooms and the hotel garden – which is a unique feature in Szeged – is great for organising events and garden parties. Culinary delights are provided by our world champions and Olympic silver medalist chef.

Technical equipment provided in our lecture halls:

radio amplifier, hi-fi amplifier, 100 W amplifier, mobile microphone, fixed microphone, mixer, flip chart, overhead projector, projection screen, speaker, dictation machine, audio amplifying equipment, video projector, video camera, tape recorder, CD player, radio deck, video player, video recorder, photocopy, wireless WIFI internet access

Please consult the below table for details of our conference and presentation halls. Please feel free to request a quotation completely tailored to your needs! You can contact us via email at

Room name Size Ceiling
Location Theatre-style School room "U" shape Reception Banquet
Juhász Gyula  380 sqm  3.65 m conference
450 persons 200 persons 180 persons 250 persons 160 persons
Szent-Györgyi Albert  167 sqm  3.20 m conference
150 persons 80 persons 60 persons 50 persons 50 persons
Móra Ferenc   60 sqm  3.20 m conference
50 persons 30 persons 30 persons 40 persons 30 persons
Rotary I.  105 sqm  3.20 m ground
100 persons 60 persons 50 persons 80 persons 50 persons
Rotary II.   85 sqm  3.20 m


80 persons 50 persons 40 persons 60 persons 40 persons
Tömörkény István   31 sqm  2.60 m first floor 20 persons 12 persons 12 persons    
Vaszy Viktor   31 sqm  2.60 m first floor 20 persons 12 persons 12 persons    
Gregor József   31 sqm  2.60 m first floor 20 persons 12 persons 12 persons    

All rooms are air-conditioned.

Reference events

Since its operation, the hotel has acquired reputation in organizing local, national, and international events and conferences:

Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance in organizing conferences or family events. For further information, please call us at or send a fax to +36 62/566-466, or write an e-mail to: