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Indulgence, adventure and relaxation

The waterpark and wellness/treatment centre Napfényfürdő Aquapolis Szeged Szeged is directly connected to our hotel by a covered corridor. This offers easy access for the hotel guests in any season and weather to the 4,400 square metre aquapolis with the longest all-year-round waterslide in Europe.
The swimming pool complex, completed in the spring of 2010 and near the bridge in the new part of town, is a specially important place in the life of the region. In 2015, it was again won the Consumer-friendly Business prize of the Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection, and later both the swimming pool system and the medical spa treatment unit were awarded a Five star rating by the Hungarian Association of Swimming Pools.

Slide park

The most attractive parts of the facility are the enclosed 223 and 272 metre long giant slides, which start off from a 30-metre-high tower, and are accessible by lift. Seven additional slides start out from the gallery level of the inner activity pool, with a total length of nearly 1000 metres.

Adventure pools and wellness

For guests who would like active relaxation, there are the wave rivers, cascades and massage pools. You can swim out from the indoor activity pool to the outdoor area. On the southern side of the activity pool area, the glass wall provides a full view of the outdoor swimming pools and facilities.

Forrás Spa

If you need complete relaxation, visit our noise-free relaxation zone, the so-called "Forrás Spa" area located within the hotel, and which is also part of the waterpark. Only guests above 16 years of age can use this area of the waterpark, which greatly contributes to the serene atmosphere needed for complete relaxation and recreation.


  • activity pools and hot tubs
  • spa treatments
  • finnish sauna, infrared sauna, roman steam cabin, outdoor log sauna
  • salt chamber, tepidarium, aromatherapy room


Medicinal water

The 70 °C thermal water of the Dóra well, which emerges from a depth of 1,551 metres and is rich in sodium-bicarbonate, is excellent for the treatment of musculoskeletal problems and osteoporosis

Kids’ paradise

Our 0 to 40 cm shallow pool area is specifically for children under six years of age. The Mother and baby section is in a quiet part of the activity pool area and allows parents to put their babies to sleep, feed them or change their nappies in a calm and quiet environment. We have a dedicated kitchen with a microwave oven to heat up food for babies.
The Kids’ play area offers a four-floor labyrinth-like playhouse for bigger children, plus a dedicated play corner for the small ones.


The second-floor gallery of the slide pool area is home to the most modern fitness complex in Szeged with fitness and cardio equipment, as well as professional trainers body shaping practice, yoga, TRX, Pilates and Hot Iron classes with state-of-the-art equipment – all for maximum physical recreation.
/Room rates include the use of the fitness centre./
For the Napfényfitness rates and the schedule of classes, please visit this website.

Summer pools

Szeged’s most popular swimming complex welcomes you to its beautiful landscaped outdoor area during the summer season. Here we have a training pool, a lane swimming pool, an activity pool with four giant slides, and a splash pool for small children. You can join special activities and events of various kinds from May to September.
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