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Programmes and attractions around Szeged

Ópusztaszer National Historical Memorial Park (approx. 30 km)

Hotel guests are entitled to a 10% discount from the admission ticket price. To make use of the discount, please contact the hotel reception for our voucher.

In what is now a 55 ha nature conservation area and home to Ópusztaszer National Historical Memorial Park, the Magyar conquerors of the fatherland – in Anonymus’s words – “settled the matters of the country”.  
Since 1970, the ruins of the Szer monastery have been uncovered and the open air Ethnology Museum’s exhibition houses and yurts presenting natural scientific rarities, unique of their kind in Europe, have been erected.
In 1995, the restored majestic cyclorama by Árpád Feszty and his contemporaries “The arrival of the Hungarians” was placed here, a worthy location for the opus.

Excursion to Palic (Serbia)

Palic is a settlement located 8 km from Szabadka (Subotica) and 38 km from Szeged. The Palic Lake – the gem of Palic – stretches on an approx. 380 ha area. Due to its landscape values, cultural significance and natural conditions it is considered a protected area. Visitors are awaited by 3 up-to-date swimming pools, a thermal spa, 12 tennis courts, a soccer field, a volleyball, basketball and handball court, a zoo (Zoo Palic), unique of its kind, and a variety of restaurants.
The settlement is host to a number of highly successful events including Mayday Festival, International Film Festival, Palici Theatre Night, Harvest Nights.

Pleasure flight over Szeged

As a light and exciting programme, or just a gift from a friend, pleasure flights are available on request on An-2, C-172, C152, Ka-26 aircraft.