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Pool maintenance

Please be advised that the Hunguest Hotel Pelion will be undergoing its annual maintenance between 3 - 6 November 2024, so the funbath will not be operational during this period.
During these days, the Turkish bath with 2 thermal pools, indoor children's pool, sauna area (sauna, infrared sauna, bio sauna, steam cabin, salt cabin), fitness room are at the disposal of our guests in the wellness area of the hotel.
Please note the above information when booking.

Wellness, sport

Fitness room, mini golf, jacuzzi, adventure pool, thermal pool, sauna, infrared sauna, bio sauna, plunge pool, steam bath, massage, aromatherapy, solarium. Seasonal outdoor swimming pool, giant slides. Our anaconda slide is for children over 8 years old and our kamikaze slide is for children over 14 years old.

Bath area opening times: Every day from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Thermal pool

The medicinal water spring from a depth of 224 meters, the water temperature is 37 C°.
The water contains hydrogen carbonate, sulphate, calcium, magnesium and many trace elements.
The dissolved mineral content is higher than 1,000 mg/litre.


  • Degenerative forms of rheumatic and locomotor diseases (e.g. arthrosis, spondylarthrosis, disopathy).
  • Chronic diseases of the spine and joints with a resulting inflammation (e.g. PCP, Bechterew disease).
  • A cure in Tapolca primarily treats rheumatic diseases once the acute stage is over.The cure substantially reduces the pains caused by the chronic diseases of the joints.
  • Connective tissue rheumatism (diseases of the muscular and articular ligaments).
  • Secondary articular diseases, articular pains caused by metabolic disorders (e.g. gout).
  • Status following fractures, accident injuries, and locomotor disorder related operations, especially the treatment and rehabilitation of limb fractures.
  • Chronic and peripheral complaints related to the nervous system and primarily caused by mechanical reasons (e.g. ischialgia, polyneuropathy, paresis).
  • Treatment before and after articular and intervertebral disk operations (e.g. in the post treatment of rachicele).
  • Chronic gynaecological diseases.


  • Malignant tumour.
  • Explicit disorders of the blood circulation, pacemaker.
  • Very high blood pressure.
  • All acute diseases antailing an inflammation (in an active phase of phlebitis and arthritis).
  • Pregnancy.
  • All acute and chronic infectious diseases(e.g. tuberculosis, hepatitis, etc).
  • Active ulcer (gastric and intestinal).
  • Within six weeks after a therapeutic X-ray treatment

Fun bath

  • Neck shower, geyser, water jet bank, jacuzzi
  • Pools indoor and outdoor (Total size: 480 qm).

Swimming pool

Temperature: 28 °C, size: 68 qm


Opening times: from 8 a.m until 6 p.m.


  • Specialist’s examination (pulmonology, rheumatology)
  • Medicinal consultation
  • Electro - bath
  • Mudpack
  • Medicinal packs (e.g. against pain, inflammation, cramps)
  • Relaxing bath
  • Ultrasonic treatment
  • Interference
  • Diadynamic
  • Iontophoresis
  • Inhalation
  • Hydroxeur
  • Injection
  • Medicinal massage
  • Hand massage
  • Foot massage
  • Relaxing head- and neck massage
  • Aroma massage