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Castle Spa

Hunguest Hotel Gyula is situated in the Castle Garden of Gyula, in a pleasant atmosphere, girdled with ancient trees, in the neighbourhood of the boating pond and the Gyula castle. It is directly connected with the Castle Spa. Only our hotel possesses a direct corridor into the Castle Spa. Limitless Castle Spa ticket is obtainable by our reception desk.

History of the Castle Spa

After 1925 the idea of establishing a medicinal bath was brought up in Gyula. The local government passed a resolution about the foundation of a bath in 1957. The following year medicinal water surfaced from the well: from a depth of 2005 metres. On 1st May 1959 the bath of Gyula was opened. Due to the developing tourism, operations were required to build. The first indoor pool and medicinal pool were opened in 1965 and balneotherapy began in 1968. The Castle Spa was built on the large (85000 sq.m) park of the Almássy Castle and has the status of a nature protection area, the trees of the park is identified by nature preserve experts and signs are giving information about the species, some of them are really rare.


The ministry of health declared the 72 °C warm water - coming from 2500 m deep - of the bath to be medical water in 1969, the bath to be spa in 1971 and the environment of the spa to be health-resort in 1985.

Healing water content

The healing waters are rich in alkali hydrogen carbonate. The high mineral content makes the thermal water brownish. The waters are efficent in cases of locomotor disorders, nervous complaints, rehabilitation after traumas, over acid stomach problems, and gynecologic combustion. The services provide a large scale opportunity for pleasure for every geberation: youth, families or elder both can find the best way of wellness, having relax, bath and recreate themselves.


1. Services of medicinal bath

  • Shaded pool: The 35-37°C thermal water (0.8-1.25 m deep) is particularly suitable for the cure of locomotor disorders, muscle pain, and rehabilitational treatments after accidents, surgeries.
  • Pool with water jets: The 31-34°C thermal water (0.9-1.45 m deep) is suitable – beside its already identified effects - for the treatment of neck and shoulder complaints as well. The 12 broad, intensive water streams coming from above massage the frequently strained neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Jacuzzi pool: The 32-35°C thermal water (0.8-1.25 m deep) is mainly suitable for muscle and joint problems.
  • „Octopus” thermal pool: The 35-37°C indoor-outdoor thermal pool (0.9-1.1 m deep) opens from the recreational area of the Riding academy building.
  • Riding Academy Spa: The 28-30°C thermal water (1.2-1.6 m deep) is both popular among the guests who need treatment and those who wish to do sports and exercises. The 20 m pool is filled with mineral water and has therefore reddish-brown colour.

2. Therapeutic department

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Underwater jet massage
  • Bubble bath
  • Underwater physiotherapy
  • Traction bath therapy

3. Beach

  • 25 m and 50 m swimming pool
  • children’s water paradise
  • wave pool
  • water slide pool
  • wellness centre

4. Castello Sauna Park

Other interesting information, curiosity: Erkel-Tree

The famous composer - Ferenc Erkel - was born in Gyula. He was a good friend of the Almásy family. He spent the summers mostly in Gyula. According to the tradition Erkel wrote his opera entitled „Bánk Bán” and part of another opera with the title „Brankovics” in the shades of this tree. Today you can visit the rotting trunk of the tree.

Locomotive disorders, authorises, post-operative rehabilitation, Bechterew-syndrome, gynaecological diseases.

Hypertonia, severe cardiac disease, febrile conditions, acute inflammatory diseases, malignant tumours, epilepsy.

Thermal water content

Anions: 1811,3 mg/l
Hydro-carbonate: 1708,8 mg/l
Nitrate: 0,0 mg/l
Chloride: 88,0 mg/l
Bromide: 0,1 mg/l
Fluoride: 1,0 mg/l
Iodide: 0,4 mg/l
Sulphate: 12,8 mg/l
Phosphate: 1,0 mg/l

Kations: 700,3 mg/l
Potassium, Natrium: 683,0 mg/l
Ammonim: 5,2 mg/l
Calcium: 10,7 mg/l
Magnesium: 1,3 mg/l
Ferrum: 0,1 mg/l

pH: 7,95
Free carbon: 35,0 mg/l
Metaboric acid: 15,0 mg/l
Metaboric silica: 70,0 mg/l

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