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Hajdúszoboszló is located in the north-eastern part of the Great Hungarian Plain, 200 kilometres east of Budapest, and 20 kilometeres south-west of Debrecen. One of the natural values of the region, besides the fertile agricultural areas, the gas fields and the medicinal water, is the abudance of sunshine, the town is one of the sunniest regions in Hungary. The micro-climate of the medical bath and the surrondings, with its iodine content and the salty humidity of the air, speeds up recuperation.

Hajdúszoboszló became a resort of international repute. The services are ever expanding, and medical tourism is thriving more and more vigorously. The fame of the "miraculous spring" attracts, like a magnet, people wishing to regain their health and throw away their cruthes. But completely healthy people also come under the spell of the "hot gold". We are reminded of the "heroic age" by the pump near the railway station which even today people still visit from early morning until late in the evening, carrying huge cans to draw fron the hot medicinal water.

Throughout the whole year Szoboszló is one of the key points of the tourist triangle of Hajdúság. It would be a pity if those spending their holidays here were not ready to visit the other two, which are also world famous: Debrecen, the city famous for its flower carnival, museums and univercity, and Hortobágy, the exotic Hungarian plain. The travel agencies regularly arrange trips to both of these nearby places. Slightly more distant places such as Eger and Tokaj or Nagyvárad in Romania can also be destinations for outings by bus or car.

As regards the music and dance-oriented, mainly summertime entertainment, enthusiastic tourists are not wrong when they say, perhaps with some exaggeration, that Szoboszló is a veritable "little Las Vegas" in the high season. In the musical espressos, coffee bars, cafés and summer-srping-time side-walk cafés, there is a kind of "dolce vita" with "houses full to capacity" until midnight, or even later. The "gems" of the Hajdúszoboszló Summer Events are the Folk Weekend, the Hajdúszoboszló Dixieland Days, the Kösely Cup - a competition and show of hoursemanship-, vaious parades and marches, and the events featured in the Hajdú Towns' Meeting. You can find entertainment at operetta galas, folk music, jazz and pop music concerts at the Open-air theatre andi in Festival Square.

Spa guests looking for spiritual comfort can choose from 3 churchs in the town:

  • protestant church in the Neo-classic style, that is frequently the venue of organ and choral concerts
  • Roman Catholic church, where Pope John Paul II. paid a visit
  • Greek Catholic church in the Byzantine Style