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Hévíz provides lots of cultural programs and leisure activities for the visitors. The guests are offered an ample choice of concerts, exhibitions, yearly organised festivals, theatre performances and other various programs. As seasons change, shows also this small town a new visage time after time. Its exciting programs provide always something new and interesting that is worth to see and hear coming to Hévíz again.

The direct environment of Hévíz offers a huge range of leisure activities for the tourists. As a part of the Balaton Highland National Park and together with the Keszthely mountains, its unique natural values, the protected flora and fauna of the Small Balaton with the rich stock of birds of this area are considered as a nature reserve area already from the 1920’s. The Festetics Castle in Keszthely and the fortress of Sümeg attract visitors with their architectural and culture-historical curiosities and specific atmosphere.

The current programs in Hévíz

Programs -

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would like to call your attention to the fact that photos are taken of our events and they are published on different websites and
in several magazines by the Cultural Centre. Therefore, by participating in the events, – as an implied conduct, – you agree that the
photos taken are free to use.