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Our gastronomic offerings, like the composition of our guests, is diverse: traditional Hungarian dishes, reform cuisine, recent additions, local specialities, vegetarian dishes, special diets and dishes for children (gluten-and lactose-free foods). When deciding the daily selection for the buffet table, our chef takes into account the seasonality and also age distribution.

Raw materials are purchased from local suppliers. Equipping a new kitchen offers an opportunity to apply new methods of food preparation.

We offer an abundant buffet breakfast with a wide selection of hot and cold dishes.
The standard buffet dinner consisted of two appetizers, two soups, four main courses, three side dishes, two desserts, fresh and pickled vegetables, salads, fruit bar - a wide selection of seasonal and tropical fruits, pasta corner and children offer (without drinks).

The dishes on our a’la carte menu are characteristic of the multitude of flavours in Hungarian cuisine, in a modern guise.It's always an exciting test of strength to prepare an offer for a wine dinner, wedding, ball, gala dinner, or reception, create its final shape, then conduct preparations, execution,and finally evaluate the experience and lessons learned. This way, we can keep moving forward next time...


The connection between Saliris Resort and grapes and wine is demonstrated by the thematic naming of our vending places and special rooms: Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Merlot, Kadarka, Chardonnay…
Following the opening of the hotel, we have held a number of events connected with wine. We have visited wineries through the "Taste Foray" programme, while we've focused on wine dinners with the "Wine Magic" series.