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Wellness, Saliris Thermal & Spa

Dear Guests!

The number of Saliris Resort Medicinal and Wellness Spa visitors will be regulated and limited by authority regulations. During special periods and on holidays it can happen that we ask our visitors to wait a short time, because we can welcome new visitors depending on the departing guests. Thank you for your understanding.


Saliris Thermal & Spa opening hours

  • Sunday - Thursday: 10:00-20:00 (pool closing: 19:30)
  • Friday and Saturday: 10:00-21:00 (pool closing: 20:30)
  • Saunas: 11:00 - 19:30
  • Outside wood saunas: 11:00 - 19:30


Valid from 01.04.2024.

  Ticket prices
Adults 9 000 Ft
Seniors (65 and older) 7 500 Ft
Children (3-14) 7 000 Ft
Sauna ticket (permits multiple use on the day of purchase) 3 500 Ft
2 adults 1 child 21 400 Ft
2 adults 2 children 27 600 Ft
2 adults 3 children 33 800 Ft
Extra children 6 200 Ft
  Ticket prices
Adults 7 200 Ft
Seniors (65 and older) 5 700 Ft
Children (3-14) 5 200 Ft

After the start of every extra half-hour, up to the price of
an all-day ticket (adults, seniors, children)

900 Ft
Adults 3 600 Ft
Seniors (65 and older) 2 700 Ft
Children (3-14) 2 100 Ft
Safe for valuables 500 Ft
Towel 3 000 Ft
Bathrobe 5 000 Ft



Egerszalók's real attraction, on the southern side of the village, is the thermal spring erupting from deep in the earth and limestone hill created by water runoff, which over the years has come to be known as "salt hill." The 65-68 °C medicinal water rich in mineral content continually builds jagged, white formations, offering an imposing spectacle.

The medicinal water of calcium magnesium hydrogen carbonate also contains sodium and a significant amount of metasilicic acid, and has been ranked as one of the best in the sulphuric medicinal waters category. Over the years, the limestone hill has become a symbol and trademark of the surrounding area. It's a sight unique to Europe, with similar natural formations found only in two other places in the world, at Pamukkale in the Asian part of Turkey and in Yellowstone National Park in the United States.

The first well was drilled in 1961 in search of oil and natural gas, with the drilling of a second well taking place in 1987. We celebrated our 50-year anniversary with the Medicinal Waters Festival in August 2011. While consecrating the wells in the autumn of 2010, they received the names of Mary and Wendelin. The icon of Mary the Miracle Worker can be found in the Egerszalók Catholic Church, while Saint Wendelin is the patron saint of springs and wells.


In 1992, the Ministry of Health qualified the thermal waters of Egerszalók as "medicinal." Based on the composition of the water, it can be classified as calcium magnesium hydrogen carbonate mineral water, for which the sulphur content is also significant.

Calcium has an anti-inflammatory effect, and sulphur is an important component of cartilage in the joints.


  • degenerative musculoskeletal disorders: arthrosis, back and lower back pain
  • non-acute stages of inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders
  • rehabilitation after orthopedic and spinal surgery
  • inflammatory gynecological diseases
  • psoriasis, eczema


  • severe cardiovascular diseases
  • fever and infectious diseases
  • skin lesions
  • malignant tumours
  • general poor health condition
  • incontinence


The spa's exclusive Sauna World offers a unique experience for sauna lovers. Indoors, there are two Finnish saunas, a bio sauna, thermium, steam room, aroma cabin, and a diving pool, while outdoors there are Finnish and Russian sauna houses made out of logs, the first ones constructed in Hungary, plus a diving pool.

We hold several sauna seances daily, and guests can choose ice, beer, honey, or salt ceremonies.

Sauna World may be used for an extra fee.

Sauna Ceremonies:

  • Ice Ceremony
  • Beer Ceremony
  • Honey Ceremony
  • Salt Ceremony


Saliris Resort Medicinal and Wellness Spa has received guests since 14 July 2007. The spa, constructed at the base of a special terraced limestone formation created by medicinal water running down the side of a hill, and the versatile, high-quality medical and wellness services are unique offerings in the region.

A total of 17 outdoor and indoor pools are located in the facility, with a water surface of 1,900 m2. Medicinal spa baths, jacuzzi spas, adventure pools, children's pools and slides ensure a pleasant stay for all ages.

Pool Location and type of pool Temperature °C
1a Covered, circulating experience pool 33
1b Outdoor, circulating experience pool 33
2 Outdoor, circulating experience pool 38
3a Covered, filling and emptying pool 35
3b Outdoor, filling and emptying pool 35
4 Covered, circulating child pool and splash pool 33
5 Covered, circulating physiotherapeutic pool 33
6 Covered, circulating weight bath 36
7 Covered, circulating jacuzzi spa (Turkish bath) 33
8 Covered, circulating immersion pool (for saunas) 14
9 Outdoor, circulating immersion pool (for saunas) 14
10 Covered, circulating scented pool 33
11 Covered, circulating echo pool 33
12 Covered, circulating Kneipp pool (14 C°) 14
13 Covered, circulating Kneipp pool (42 C°) 42
14 Outdoor, filling and emptying pool 38
15 Outdoor, filling and emptying pool 35
16 Outdoor, circulating Jacuzzi 33
17 Outdoor, circulating child pool and splash pool 33


Many people gladly recall the 70s and 80s, when they enjoyed the refreshing effects of Egerszalók's medicinal waters in romantic surroundings.
Next to the large car park, the open-air baths have three pools, with the following temperatures: 36-37°C, 37-38°C and 38-39°C.
At the snack bar, fried dough, sausage, crepes, beer and soft drinks are available.

Hours of operation:

· Sunday-Thursday: 9.30 – 23.00

· Friday, Saturday: 9.30 – 1.00

· According to the current legal regulations, our hotel must only be eighteen years old with a protection certificate (EGTC application is available, it cannot be replaced by a negative pcr test, other official paper) and under the supervision of this host.

Full day ticket 1 950 Ft
Full day senior ticket (above age 65) 1 550 Ft
Full day child ticket (betqeen ages 6-14) 1 550 Ft
Pass for 12 visits 21 000 Ft
All-day parking fee (car, motorbike) 700 Ft
All day parking fee (bus) 2 200 Ft