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Herceg Novi, Sveta bubala bb. Route planning
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Herceg Novi, Hunguest Hotel Sun Resort - A few words about Herceg Novi

- the unforgettable shine of Montenegrin sun

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At the most western part of Montenegro, barely 10 kilometres from the Croatian border lies Herceg Novi, a small town with a Mediterranean feeling, very unique for its natural environment. 

At the North are the 1600-1800 meter high mountains (Orjen), from the South the shore of the Gulf of Kotor, border the small town of twenty-thousand inhabitants. In the city center visitors can find characteristic narrow streets and alleyways, small squares and cafés, terraces. The seaside promenade is lively from Spring to Fall. At the immediate vicinity of Herceg Novi is the city of Igalo, well known for its physical therapy centers of international reputation. By car guests can easily visit the town of Kotor, currently under the protection of the World Heritage, as well as Budva with similar historic attraction, or the town of Bar, the most popular among tourists. On the other side of the Croatian border lies Dubrovnik, a famous and well-known town also under the protection of the World Heritage.