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Our house has a special location because it’s in the neighbourhood of the Saint Andreas Hospital & Medical Center, this building is easy to reach through an indoor corridor which was built between the hotel and the hospital – this is one of the advantages of Hotel Panorama.

Here can our guests take a medical cure of high standard (consultation with the hospital, for an additional fee). These cures are controlled by serious professional specialists, the treatments are based on the healing effect of the thermal lake’s water and are very useful to cure locomotor diseases.

Why is unique the traditional medical cure in Hévíz?

The lake of Heviz is a geological rarity. Opposite to other hot-water lakes of the world located generally on volcanic ground, the spring lake of Heviz lies in a turf basin. It is filled with calcium- and magnesium-containing hydrogen-carbonate medicinal water. Due to its particular health-preserving effect and high mineral content, this water has an exceptionally advantageous effect on rheumatic and motorial diseases and helps the treatment of several other complaints. It stimulates the production of hormones that have an effect on the adrenal glands so that own substances of the body could reduce the inflammation and the pain of the patient.

The water affects positively the oestrogen level of the body so it can be used efficiently for chronic gynaecological problems as well. The hydrostatic pressure by bathing and the different drifts are ideal to improve the circulation and the gentle temperature of the lake allows a long stay in the water.

In addation to the medicinal lake, the turf-based mud of Hévíz is unique in all of the world. Its effect is similar to the water, but more intensive. Due to its radium content, it stills the pain, refresh the nervous system, and stimulates the regeneration of cells and the metabolism. Beyond that, microelements it contains make the skin soft and silky andnormalize the sebum and even the biorythm of the during a longer treatment