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Bikes and cabrios

Motorbikes and Convertibles

Season of motor trips

The summer has arrived as well as the season of motobike and cabriolet trips. Carinthia and its surroundings offers the bikers and cabriolet riders a lot of amazing opportunities to enjoy a trip. The Grossglockner High Alpine Road and the Panoramaroads of Carinthia belong to the most wonderful tour roads of Europe!

As you may already know, the “Großglockner Hochalpenstraße” is considered to be the most beautiful high mountain road in the alps. Motorcyclists and convertible owners are always welcome at our establishment and our underground parking garage is, of course, also available to house your vehicle.

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Tour plans

To not to miss a worthwhile excursion in the Hohe Tauern National Park region, we collected some interesting routes for you.

For more information, please click below on the tours!

The Glockner Tour

The Apriach panoramic road

Lienz - Defereggental -Staller Sattel - Antholz (Italy) - Silian - Lienz

Mölltal valley - Gmünd - Nockalm alpine road - Lake Millstatt - Drau Valley

Villach Alpine Road touching Weissensee and through Hermagor

The panorama roads in the surrounding

The Großglockner High Alpine Road

The most famous alpine road leads you into the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park, to the highest mountain in Austria, the Grossglockner (3,798m) and its glacier, the Pasterze. You will have a driving and nature experience of a special kind on 48 kilometres of high alpine road with 36 bends, and an altitude ascent to 2,504 metres!

You pass through a unique world of mountains with blossoming alpine meadows, fragrant mountain forests, massive cliffs and eternal ice to the foot of the Grossglockner, the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe.

Biker advantages:

  • "Bikers Point“ on the Grossglockner as an exclusive meeting point and information point with reserved parking for motorcycles at the Edelweiss Peak at an altitude of 2,571 meters
  • Special biker parking at the major attractions along the Grossglockner High Alpine Road
  • Free "biker safes" for helmets, jackets, etc. on the Grossglockner at Kaiser Franz Josefs Höhe and at the Hochtor.
  • "Bikers Nest“ at the Edelweiss Peak with special information for bikers on the history of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road
  • Convenient ticket sale in the information office at the Ferleiten cash point (peak periods only)
  • Reduced Tour-Ticket: includes a day ticket for the Grossglockner, Gerlos and Nockalm Roads in the same season and entitles the holder to purchase a reduced ticket for the Villach Alpine Road.
  • Maximum grip material is used to resurface the pavement, especially to repair cracks in the curves
  • Continuation of the guardrail replacement program to protect bikers against sharp-edged guardrails / crash barriers

The Villach Alpine Road

The Villach Alpine Road winds 16.5 kilometers from Villach-Möltschach (550 m) up on the Dobratsch (1,732 m), though not all the way to the summit (2,167 m), which hikers enjoy conquering on foot.

Breathtaking panoramic views of Villach, the Karawanken, Julian Alps and the largest landslide region in the eastern Alps on the southern flank of the Dobratsch are afforded along the road.

The Villach Alpine Road is especially designed for bikers.

Biker advantages:

  • Free biker safes at the end of the Villach Alpine Road, the Rosstratte, to deposit any equipment not needed for the time being.
  • The guardrails in the curves were retrofitted with additional crash barriers at ground level. They cover the guardrail posts so dangerous for motorcyclists.
  • Motorcycle parking spaces with free biker safes in rest area 6 "Alpengarten" (1,307 m); right next to the "Red Wall" observation platform.
  • Pavement resurfacing uses material with a maximum grip, particularly for cracks in curves.
  • Holders of tour cards for the Grossglockner, Gerlos and Nockalm Roads only pay 6 Euros for the Villach Alpine Road ticket.

The Gerlos Alpine Road

The Gerlos Alpine Road - a natural experience on the Gerlos Pass and at the Krimml Waterfalls. Enjoy the beauty of the landscape between Salzburg and Tyrol.

A winding road to the unique waterfalls.

Experience nature - become aware of the beauty of the landscape on this connecting road between Salzburg and Tyrol. Winding roads, marvellous views, and moments of rich experience.

All of this is offered by the enchanting ride or drive over the Gerlos Alpine Pass: enjoy the marvellous landscape of the high moors (nature-conservation area) on the top of the pass. Admire the interesting display boards at the bridged slope and the grandiose view to the Krimml Waterfalls and into the Krimml Achen Valley.

Biker advantages:

  • The installation of a "Bikers' Point" on the "Wasserfallblick" parking area (1,543m) with information of routes and accommodation
  • Installation of preferential parking areas reserved for motorcycles next to the entrance to the Krimml Waterfalls and the Water Wonder World with "Bikers' Safes" for intermediate safe keeping of equipment not required
  • Reasonably price touring tickets

The Nockalm Road

There are not many roads that do not run through a single settlement over a distance of 34 kilometres. The Nockalm Road in Carinthia is one: between the two ticket offices - to the south several kilometres outside of the community of Ebene Reichenau, to the north right on the fringe of Innerkrems - there is nothing other than bends and nature. And several pretty places to stop in rustic houses and huts in which authentic Carinthian fare comes to the table.
The reason for the "nothing" along this route has been known as the "Nockbergs National Park" since 1987. All around these Nockbergs, these strange, roundly smoothed mountains at a maximum height of about 2,400 metres, stretches the largest stands of larch- and stone pine trees in the eastern Alps.

The Goldeck Road

The Goldeck road, with a length of 14.5 km, runs from Zlan to Goldeck Endparkplatz "Seetal" to 1.895 m. Ten wimples and parking places along the road always offer beautiful views of the Milstatt Alps and Lake Millstatt, the Nocky Mountains, the Giltaler Alm, the Karawanken to Villach and the Drau Valley.You can discover the snow-capped peaks of the Julian and Carnic Alps. With wonderful views along the Goldeck road to the most beautiful destinations in Carinthia.

The Malta High Alpine Road

Situated at an altitude of 1,933 metres is Austria's highest barrage wall – the barrage wall of Kölnbrein Dam. Even getting there is a small adventure: An exciting tour on the 14.4 km Malta High Alpine road, characterised by rock tunnels and hairpin bends.

Winding and Breathtakingly Beautiful.

The numerous waterfalls along Malta High Alpine Road also gave Malta Valley the name "Valley of the plummeting water". Particularly impressive thereby are the "Malteiner water features": here, the water rushes into the depths below over several rock ledges until it finally reaches the stunningly beautiful "Blauen Tümpfe" (blue pools). The road is characterised by a natural stone tunnel carved out of the rock and by sharp bends, turning the journey into a driving pleasure for motorists and motorbike riders. Two traffic lights at the narrowest points guarantee the safety of our guests. You can park your vehicles at the end of the road, from where you can comfortably reach the further attractions on foot.

Our plus for bikers

Information for your motorcycle tour can be found in the brochures of the each Alpine Road

The free brochure is also available at our Reception in Hungest Hotel Heiligenblut

Here you will find some brochures to download:

At our Reception you will find more information as:

  • Motorradland Kärnten - Travel Magazine 2013 special for bikers
  • Motorradland Kärnten - Tour Plan (with all of the tours incl. GPS-Datas)
  • Touren für Genießer (Tours, Tipps und Infos around the Großglockner)