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Balatonalmádi, Hunguest Hotel Bál Resort - Fito-Wellness

Dear Guest,

Hereby we have to inform you, that we will renovate our hotels: Hunguest Hotel Bál Resort, Béke, Flóra, Helios and Répce. The renovation works will last for a longer period whilst the hotel is kept closed. We ask for your patience and kind understanding. Thank you for choosing us so far, stay our loyal customer during the time of renovation, which will allow us to welcome you in an embellished and fully renovated hotel.

Fito wellness, the natural power of the Balaton Uplands along with pampering wellness

Bath programs


Lavender  body wrap  with anti-stress  lavender  flower  bath (50')
Price: 8.900 HUF
The sea-salt lavender body wrap gently removes the dead skin cells. It rejuvenates the skin and makes it soft and velvety. The lavender flower wellness bath relaxes and reposes the body, it relieves the stress while it fills up the skin with valuable mineral substances.


Rose-flowered  body  wrap  with  rose  flower  bath (50')
Price: 8.900 HUF/ PERSON  14.900 HUF/ 2 PEOPLE  (FOR  COUPLES)
The sea-salt rose body wrap gently removes the dead skin cells. It rejuvenates the skin and makes it soft and velvety. The Damask rose wellness bath makes your body relaxed while it fills up the skin with valuable mineral supplements. We highly recommend this enjoyable treatment for couples.


Grape  marc  body wrap  with wine- bath (50')
Price: 8.900 HUF
In the grape marc-which is considered to be the essence of wine-the most flavonoids can be found. Grape marc is made of grape skin and grape pips. Flavonoids can be called as the elixir of eternal youth. This way the muscles of the body after having scrubbed with grape marc will be loose and our body will get rid of toxic materials. After a grape marc wine- bath our skin will be smooth, fresh and youthful looking. In our offer You can choose between a wine-bath made of white or red wine according to Your taste.


Milk  goat  body  wrap  with  fragrant  skin  beautifying  milk  goat  bath (50')
Price: 8.900 HUF
The milk goat used for the treatment is rich in anti-aging A-B-C and D vitamins and Q10 coenzyme so it strengthens the immune system as well as vitalises and hydrates the skin. The top quality goat milk bath with the added papaya essential oil guarantees relaxation and the experience of a skin care bath.  



A  refreshing  foot  sole  massage   in the  morning  with  a neck  mask  enhancing  circulation (30’)
PRICE: 6.900  HUF
The foot sole massage has a number of beneficial effects. It stimulates the blood and lymph circulation and by means of this it facilitates the removal of the metabolic waste and toxin deposits and strengthens the immune system. The articular balm containing goat milk butter used for foot sole massage immediately relieves the tired legs due to its analgesic agents (witch hazel, menthol, camphor). During the time of the foot sole massage you are pampered with a fine, warm neck mask that stimulates blood circulation and improves oxygen supply. This way it strengthens concentration and improves well-being.  


A  refreshing  back  and  shoulder  massage  with  goat  milk  butter  for  painful  joints (20’)
PRICE: 6.900  HUF
The articular balm containing goat milk butter used for foot sole massage immediately relieves the painful back and shoulders due to its analgesic agents (witch hazel, menthol, camphor). After the treatment you will be refreshed and your skin will be soft, hydrated and silky. 


Body  peeling  with  body  massage. During  the  treatment  goat  milk  butter  is used. (60’)
PRICE: 11.900  HUF
The goat milk and butter made from it, which is used in the treatment, is rich in anti-aging vitamins and Q10 coenzyme so it strengthens the immune system as well as vitalises and hydrates the dry, sensitive skin. The massage Lotion containing goat milk butter has a pleasant fragrance. It makes the skin flexible and toned. After this massage your body and soul will be revived.  


Pampering  aromatic  body  massage (60’)
PRICE: 11.900  HUF / PERSON  18.900  HUF / 2 PEOPLE  (FOR  COUPLES)
Spend time with your partner during massage, too. This treatment makes your body relaxed and guarantees a unique, sensual experience at the same time. The Time Together massage oil is the mixture of vegetable oils with sesame, olive, linseed and argan oils as well as essential oils like frangipani, lemon and papaya oils that guarantee a fruity-floral fragrance and a unique wellness experience during the massage.  



Refreshing  enzymatic  coffee  body peeling  and a body  wrap  with coffee (60’)
PRICE: 13.900  HUF
Have a coffee break with us. The enzymatic coffee peeling used for the treatment contains original Arabica coffee. It has gentle peeling, refreshing and anti-aging effects. After its use the dead skin cells are removed and the skin regains its delicacy. This way the precious active substances are absorbed easily. The creamy body wrap with coffee makes the skin more toned and it has an invigorating effect. At the end of the treatment your skin will be fresh and velvety. 


Chocolate  enzymatic  body  peeling  and a body  wrap  with plum  kernel  oil (60’)
PRICE: 13.900  HUF
Do you have a sweet tooth? This treatment is bound to be your favourite. The chocolate peeling made from original cocoa beans gently exfoliates your skin so it regains its softness. The body wrap with plum kernel oil is rich in anti-aging vitamin E that makes your skin soft and silky and delays aging, too. Its pleasant, natural fragrance stimulates happiness hormones.     


Rose  enzymatic  body  peeling  and  a body  wrap  with  hydrating  goat milk  butter (60’)
PRICE: 14.900  HUF
Pamper yourself like a queen. The Damask rose peeling used in the treatment has harmonising, balancing and anti-aging effects. After its use the skin regains its delicacy so the precious active substances are absorbed easily. The goat milk and the natural skin care body butters (mango butter, goat milk butter) in the Cleopatra body wrap makes the skin velvety and youthful. At the same time, it gives a fresh and youthful colour to the skin. Enjoy the sensation of a silky skin with a pleasant fragrance, just as Cleopatra used to do it.  


With  Silky  plum  kernel  oil (20’)
PRICE: 3.900  HUF
The Silky plum kernel oil (Prunus domestica) is made by means of cold pressing from the kernel of plums. Its fragrance is pleasant and similar to that of the marzipan.  
The plum kernel oil has similar properties to those of the sweet almond oil and the apricot kernel oil but it has a higher vitamin E and linoleic acid content so its anti-aging and antioxidant effects are stronger. It strengthens and regenerates the protective layer of the skin, reduces the amount of moisture loss and dehydration. Its use delays the formation of superficial lines and deep wrinkles.    


With  articular  balm  containing  goat  milk  butter
PRICE: 4.900  HUF (20’) 9.900 HUF (40’)
The articular balm containing goat milk butter relieves musculoskeletal problems and alleviates pain in the joints and muscles. It strengthens the joints and the blood vessel walls as well as supports circulation – all of these without steroids. It immediately alleviates pains, cools and hydrates the dry skin and provides it with beneficial A, B, C and D vitamins. Its use is also advisable for mothers-to-be for alleviating the pain of the oedematous, swollen legs. 



PRICE: 15.000  HUF
We enhance the self-esteem, the acceptance of femininity as well as the pleasure in re-discovery of the soul and playing with the help of the treatment to which cold pressed oils of premium quality as well as the herbs of the Balaton Uplands are added and these make it a complex experience.    
The oil mixture used during the massage (Ősök Háza Vitárium – Shiny Moon Massage Oil – rape seed, sunflower, poppy seed oil) has herbal elements – marigold, rose petal, yarrow, dill, bay leaf, pepper, cleavers, liquorice, parsley- and it is aimed at especially the skin care of the ladies, the reduction of inflammation and the balance of the female energies. Originally in the Hungarian traditional medicine – among others in the form of tea – these healing herbs were used for regenerating the lower abdomen, improving the movement of the joints, enhancing the blood circulation and the nourishing the skin.      


PRICE: 15.000  HUF
The treatment helps you to slow down, to live through the tasks more easily and to positively enhance masculinity. In the treatment we use the mixture of cold pressed oils and Hungarian herbs (Ősök
Háza Vitárium – Golden Sun Massage Oil –pumpkin kernel, rape seed, linseed, milk thistle oil) that, due to its elements,  would like to make you fly to the aforementioned life situations and return to your everyday duties full of energy and zest.
Due to its elements –juniper, pepper, dill, parsley, celery – the oil mixture is aimed at providing pleasurable relaxation for men and balancing the male energies.  Originally in the Hungarian traditional medicine – among others in the form of tea – these herbs were used for stimulating the blood pressure, facilitating digestion and recovering the functions of the vein system.   


PRICE: 17.000  HUF
This technique calls you away from the everyday events to the opportunities of the more distant spaces by means of its slow, meditative method as it combines the premium quality cold pressed oils and the selected Hungarian herbs that facilitate relaxation (Ősök Háza Vitárium – Revival Massage Oil-rape, sunflower, poppy seed oil).
Originally in the Hungarian traditional medicine these herbs were used to rejuvenate and detoxify the skin, to facilitate digestion, to reduce inflammations and tension. 


Bath  with  vinegar  for men (20’) + massage  touching  the back  (40’) + massage  touching  the  sole (30’)
PRICE: 21.900  HUF
The herbs in the special vinegar help to strengthen the male energies. By massaging the back and the sole we can balance these energies concerning up and down as well as in and out.  


Bath  with  vinegar  for women (20’) + massage  touching  the  back (40’) + massage  touching  the  sole (30’)
PRICE: 21.900  HUF
The herbs in the special vinegar help to strengthen the female energies. By massaging the back and the sole we can balance these energies concerning up and down as well as in and out.  


With  oil for touching  arms  and  legs
PRICE: 13.900  HUF
By massaging the arms and legs and by moving the two very important micro areas we can have a beneficial effect on the whole body and we can strengthen the efficient functioning of the immune system. 


By  the  harmonised  work  of two  masseurs
PRICE: 23.000  HUF
With the help of the special treatment, the two masseurs and abundant oil it gives you safety and also energises by means of complex rhythm changes, which the participant can take as an inner experience to the everyday existence, experiencing the unity of the whole cycle. The treatment is carried out with the use of products made from energising herbs (agrimony, yarrow, rose hip, nettle leaf, lavender flower, marjoram, wormwood) and cold pressed oils (Ősök Háza Vitárium – Rhythm Massage Oil-sunflower-,white thistle-, pumpkin kernel oil).


PRICE: 8.000  HUF
With this treatment we would like to extend the safety of parental love to the smaller socialising venues emphasising the importance and quality of touches for the generations growing up. Our masseuses carry out this treatment in the presence of the parents. We only use a product that contains essential fatty acids (Ősök Háza Vitárium Squill Massage Oil – rape, sunflower, poppy seed oil) without any artificial elements for our children to provide them with the best things at the beginning of their life in the form of healthy cosmetics.


PRICE: 8.000  HUF
We must treat our sole, the body part that is most burdened in everyday life, with great professional precision, and with a unique massage oil from 6 components made for parts of treatments (Ősök Háza Vitárium – Touching Massage Oil) and with herbs combined with the knowledge concerning the oils (four kinds of cold pressed oil / poppy seed, rape, linseed / white thistle / mint and rosemary).


PRICE: 8.000  HUF
We would like to restore the important role and dignity of the hand and at the same time we would like to strengthen its energy and relieve its tiredness from one knuckle to the other, getting forward from the nails to the wrist with meticulous precision and the use of refreshing herby (rosemary, mint) and the mixture of oils (Ősök Háza Vitárium – Touching Massage oil – poppy seed, rape, linseed, white thistle).


PRICE: 10.000  HUF
We can relieve the physical burdens of the spine, the vertebrae of the neck, the trapezius muscle, the shoulder and the shoulder blade with the help of this intensive technique that is spiced up by the refreshing rosemary and mint and completed by the special nature of the oil mixture made for parts of treatments. 
(Ősök Háza Vitárium – Touching Massage oil – poppy seed, rape, linseed, white thistle).


PRICE: 14.000  HUF
With this technique we aim at charging the whole body by removing the toxins during the regeneration of the feet and the soles.
Phase 1: Washing with home-made vinegar, salt (Ősök Háza Vitárium –Lavros Bath Vinegar for Women/ Lavros Bath Vinegar for Men) and 10 herbs. Aim: disinfection, cleaning.
Phase 2: Putting the mud wrap with garlic (Ősök Háza Vitárium – Happy Feet Sole wrap) – that contains alginate, garlic macerate and rape seed oil – onto the feet.
Aim: to remove toxins, regeneration.
Phase 3: „Mud-pan” washing with soap made from herbs / alginate / “kolopi” mud / pinewood essential oil, tea tree essential oil / oils and fats, then drying..


The herbs in the vinegar in the traditional medicine originally helped to balance male energies. Components: vinegar, apple vinegar, salt, alcohol. Herbs: horseradish, kohlrabi, pear, dill, rose petal, lime blossom, wild cherry, plum.


The herbs in the vinegar in the traditional medicine originally helped to balance female energies. Components: vinegar, apple vinegar, salt, alcohol. Herbs: pear, plum, dill, quince, golden rod, marigold, rose petal, yarrow, St John’s wort, bay leaf. 


PRICE: 10.000  HUF
Ősök  Háza  Vitárium – Golden  Sun  Lavros  Bath Vinegar for Men
Ősök  Háza  Vitárium – Shiny  Moon  Lavros  Bath Vinegar  for Women
The principle we follow in the case of both products can be found in the medicine of the Carpathian basin during the last 300 years. 
Pápai Páriz Ferenc, who healed and taught people with the help of his great knowledge in the 1700s, also mentions the healing effect of baths and in his work entitled Pax Corporis. Our artisan procedure follows these old traditions that mean soaking herbs for a long time and extracting them and these extracts and liquids get into our product.  We add salt to it.
The product does not contain any conservation materials and it is conserved by means of heat treatment. The small amount of sediment that can be seen in the jar means the product is made from real herbs. We do not homogenise consciously for the sake of a stronger effect. The product can be used in two forms: either by soaking the feet in it, through the meridians or by bathing the whole body. In the latter case we have to pay attention to the sitz bath technique. In the case of both methods soaking is carried out in water that is as warm as our body temperature.
If it is used as a medical complementary service, it is important that the person carrying out the treatment be present next to the person using the bath. It is important because the vinegars and herbs evaporate volatile substances in the treatment room and trigger a dynamic effect by being absorbed through the skin. Our proposal is that 10-15 minutes are enough for use.


PRICE: 14.000  HUF
Warmed-up mud wrap for the whole body with alginite that is the ancient sediment of the 15 million years old Pannon sea and contains a number of minerals. It has a rejuvenating effect and contains skin nourishing rape oil that slows down the aging of the skin and the formation of the wrinkles. It protects the health of the skin and it also contains camomile flower from the Great Plain, which reduces inflammations.   


With  the  baroque  wine  bath  of the  Wine  Manufacture  of Csobánc  and  the Ősök  Háza  Vitárium
PRICE: 15.000  HUF
Primarily we would like to emphasise the excellent antioxidant effect of the wine bath. When we get into a pleasant wine bath, our skin gets revived, rejuvenated and it becomes more flexible, smoother, more velvety and hydrated and aging is delayed at the same time if we use it regularly from time to time.
Its specialty lies in the added herbs that we selected separately for men and women in order to balance the female and male energies. By means of this combination we can achieve an even stronger effect. 
The common product of the Ősök Háza Vitárium and the Wine Manufacture of Csobánc guarantees a superior quality: the family enterprise grows the grapes on a certified organic area, from which the Pinot Noire is made. The extract made from the added herbs that are selected one by one and it gives the vivacity of the nature as well as the best of their knowledge to your health and bath experience. We are honoured to provide our respected guests with the one and only bath wine of Hungary.