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Room reservation

9740 Bük, Európa út 3. Route planning
Phone +36-94-558-558, +36-94-558-505

Bük, Hunguest Hotel Répce Gold - Conference


Our offer is directed towards those at companies, who:

Beside the excellent technical equipment, our hotel provides you possibility to arrange team-building trainings, business events and professional conferences in a conference room consisting of two connecting sections, suitable to house up to 80 persons.

Technical equipment: 

flipchart, screen, projector, laser pointer, microphone, speakers, SAT TV and internet access, video and stereo equipment.
Chairs and tables arranged according to your demand

T raining / meeting offer

In order to

E xclusive offer

Accommodation of high standards in our VIP apartments with jacuzzi, and

A ctive excursions, togetherness

P rivate trip, individual holidays

Real relaxation is one shared with your family and friends: upon your demand, we offer accomodation in family rooms, baby bed

Our seating possibilities: