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Galyatető, Kodály Zoltán sétány 10. Route planning
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Galyatető, Hunguest Grandhotel Galya - Child Adventure Park

Dear Guest,

Hereby we have to inform you, that we will renovate our hotels: Hunguest Hotel Bál Resort, Béke, Flóra, Galya, Helios, Panoráma and Répce. The renovation works will last for a longer period whilst the hotel is kept closed. We ask for your patience and kind understanding. Thank you for choosing us so far, stay our loyal customer during the time of renovation, which will allow us to welcome you in an embellished and fully renovated hotel.

Our hotel’s spring novelty-extraordinary in Mátra – Child Adventure-park, which is the newest part of the Grandhotel Galya’s colourful services.

Ont he rope-court 3-12 year old children can try 12 diferent kinds of exercises. To complete it only bravery and skillfullness are necessary! (Children can use the court only with safety-equipment and with the help of an expert.)

For our adult guests forest-sliding rope-court was built, the length of it is about 50 meters.