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4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Mátyás Király sétány 12-14. Route planning
Phone | Fax +36-52-362-744 | +36-52-362-959

Hajdúszoboszló, Hunguest Hotel Apollo

’Serene, undisturbed relaxation
and guaranteed recreation awaits
the visitors at Apollo Hotel. Our
four-star hotel is situated in the
beloved holiday area of the town.
By offering aesthetically beatiful
environment inside and outside,
several wellness services,
delicious dishes, we are striving
to make your precious stay at our
hotel as memorable as possible,
so that it can rejuvenate both
your body and soul.’



Get to know Hunguest Hotel Apollo! - Four star relaxation


Hunguest Hotel Apollo is located at the heart of Hajdúszoboszló, Hungary's most well-known spa town. Guests of our four star hotel can spend their holiday in a modern, sophisticated environment, while choosing from our long list of relaxing services.

Well-equipped, elegant rooms make our hotel suitable for family holidays, long weekends.

Besides the aesthetics and the special services, we also like to make sure that the services we provide are top quality, and that our staff does everything for you to leave with good memories of your time spent at Hunguest Hotel Apollo.

An unforgettable holiday
This is what Hunguest Hotel Apollo offers you!

Why Apollo Hotel?

When it comes to summer holidays, weekend getaways or company events, our hotel not only provides you an aesthetically pleasing environment, but it offers a wide range of leisure opportunities as well. Our comfortable, well-equipped rooms, unique services, delicious dishes, friendly and skilled staff ensure our guests’ undisturbed relaxation.


Hunguest Hotel Apollo is situated in the heart of Hajdúszoboszló, in the immediate vicinity of the Aquapark. Guests seeking recreation and refreshment can choose from more than 50 wellness services, so they can return home relaxed and full of energy after their stay at our hotel. Refreshment and therapy in our thermal pool, an unforgettable day for the children at Aquapark or Aquapalace, a relaxing walk in the town of Hajdúszoboszló – you will have the opportunity to try all of these activities, if you choose us.

’Mekka for rheumatics’.
The unique 73 °C thermal water of our town comes up to the surface from a depth of 1091 meters. As a result, Hajdúszoboszló has earned the title of ’spa town’. You can also enjoy the benefits of this unique water in the thermal pools of our hotel. Besides providing relaxation, it can also cure several health problems, such as arthritis, spinal problems, nerve pain and sport injuries.

Recreational facilities in Hajdúszoboszló
The unique recreational facilities of our town largely contribute to the unparalleled experiences.
Hajdúszoboszló’s slide paradise called Aquapark and an indoor adventure bath called Aqua-Palace, which belongs to Europe’s largest spa complex, are just a few minutes walk from our hotel. Visitors interested in culture can also get acquainted with the museums and ethnographic values of Hajdúszoboszló during their stay.

General information

Number of rooms: 33 | Parking: free of charge | Local tax: 500 HUF/person/night in 2022 and from 01.01.2023 590 HUF/person/night (for all guests over 18 years) | Smokingthe whole hotel is non-smoking | Pets: not allowed | Conferences: - | Accessible hotel: the hotel is accesible for disabled guests