(after compulsory medical examination and by prescription of the physicist only the exact duration of each treatment will be determined by a physician.)

1 medical examination, 7 individual treatments prescribed by the doctor

1 medical examination and 14 individual treatments prescribed by the doctor, controll examination


1 medical examination and 21 individual treatments prescribed by the doctor, controll examination

Medical examination, Control examination 
While also prescribing treatments, our in-house hotel doctor gives our guests advice, primarily related to loco-motor problems. General health issues, therapeutic recommendations advisory is also available on a separate basis.

Light has been used in healing for thousands of years, and light therapy had success recently in modern medicine. The main effects of the Bioptron light therapy: it increases the regenerative ability of the body, therefore expediting the system’s own self-induced healing processes, increases micro-circulation, harmonizes metabolism and strengthens the immune system.


Carbonic acid bath
The patient is seated in a special tub during the curative treatment for peripherical circulatory disturbances and vasoconstriction diseases while the CO2 absorbed in lukewarm water exerts its curative effect. The free carbonic acid gas covers the body surface in the form of small bubbles rubifying the skin area. The treatment also stretches capillaries, so this way it facilitates blood circulation and the blood flow of the coronaries in the heart.

Diadynamic voltage 
Treatment by dynamic form of electrical currents, adapted to the specific loco-motor disorder type. The physician chooses the voltage type, based on the guest’s problem. The effects, based on different voltage types, can have beneficial effects on reduction of oedema, pain reduction, and reduction of inflammation. All voltage types are applicable for iontophoresis. Normally used to treat lesions, inter-vertebral diseases and abrasions of joints and the spine.

Salt therapy 
One of the most effective natural curative treatments of respiratory and allergic disorders is salt therapy, which mainly offers an alternative recovery possibility for people suffering from respiratory diseases and salt therapy can be used as an additional therapy of a medical treatment as well.
The salt bricks placed in the salt therapy room are saturated with a special solution, which contains natural mineral substances in a specified proportion.
Besides this, the solution is poured into dishes with a large surface area from which the evaporation can be done. The clear air containing mineral substances has an anti-inflammatory effect offering a real relief and refreshment for people suffering from respiratory complaints.

Electric bath 
In case of inguinal inflammatory diseases, we utilize the anti-inflammatory effect of the electric current, while the pleasantly warm (34-35 0C) water relaxes muscles, while projecting the beneficial effect of electricity on the whole body surface. For those affected by blood vessel narrowing, it has a good dilating effect, and in case of sensory problems it positively affects nerve regeneration and tracking. Also, it is a great anaesthetic, muscle relaxant and anti-stress treatment. During the treatment, we lead electric current into a tub of thermal water.

Exercises - Private 
After the private medical examination by the physician, the trainer will follow his instructions in teaching the patient customized body exercises. Its aims are to help recuperation, muscle strengthening and the mobility of body parts. Therefore its use lies primarily in treating muscle, spine, bone and joint disorders, and its use has shown in the field of blood vessel narrowing, venal disorder and respiratory anomalies as well. (The exercises are worth learning and further practicing at home!).

Exercises - Small-group 
After the private medical examination by the physician, the guest will be admitted into a group that fits his disorder and physical state. The exercises to be performed will be mastered in a small group of 3-4 other patients, under the close supervision of the group trainer. The motivating force of the group will make it easier to counter problems, especially when observing others fighting similar challenges. The exercise is therefore easier. (The exercise are worth learning and further practicing at home!).

Four-cell galvanic bath 
When dealing with inflammatory disorders of the joints, such as rheumatoid arthritis, we make use of the anti-inflammatory effect of the electric current, while the pleasantly warm water (34-35 Celsius) relaxes muscles, projecting the beneficial effect of electricity on the whole surface of the body. In case of blood vessel narrowing, it has a good dilating effect, and in case of sensory problems it positively affects nerve regeneration and tracking. On top of it all, it is a great anaesthetic, muscle relaxant and antistress tool. During the treatment, we place the hands and/or the feet of the patient into small water tubs, and lead electric current into the water. The type and the voltage direction of the electric current will be specified by the doctor.

Galvanic electricity treatment 
Anti-inflammatory, anaesthetic effect, enhances nerve tracking, which may have a role in sensory diseases. Its dilating effect is useful in case of blood vessel narrowing. Not only helps blood circulation but also helps osteosis (bone development).

Hydroxeur (bubble bath) 
When massage by hands cannot be applied, or we would like to achieve a different massage result, this is the best choice. The air bubbles produced by the bubble bath generate a turbulent stream that massages the entire body. It is a pleasant and relaxing experience.

An electric treatment, having muscle relaxant, cramp relaxant, anaesthetic, and anti-inflammatory effects. It is primarily applied next to the spine, but it may be used on any part of the body. While enhancing blood circulation, it improves the oxygen provision of tissues. Vacuum-interference: adding to the beneficial effects of electricity, we produce a mild vacuum to get a micro-massage effect and added muscle relaxation.

Both acute and chronic respiratory diseases can be treated by this method. During the process, we apply vaporized thermal water or salt inhalation solution or other medication into the respiratory organs, which has a relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect, and also greatly helps in cleaning out of mucus.

Inhalation - Oxygen 
Oxygen treatment is effective with all circulation disorders (such as brain, heart or peripheral), and it has a revitalizing effect. The treatment enhances the ability of the blood to carry oxygen to the cells, the oxygen reserves will be filled, the heart functions better, as well as the brain and the muscles. The immune system functions better, so the whole body works better.

A very effective way to introduce medication and necessary mineral elements into the human body. Most often we use it to administer targeted anti-inflammatory, and sometimes to help to add calcium to where broken bones are awaiting to be healed.

Lymphdrainage massage (medical) 

The aim of this massage is to help the circulation of atonic lymphatic discharge, which has been accumulated in the tissues due to the disorders of the lymphatic system. Owing to the massage, lymph oedemas lessen (e.g. the diameter of limbs). During the lymph massage, smoothing and pumping movements are applied towards the heart. This treatment, which is strictly bound to medical examination, improves general condition and activates the immune  system. 

Kinetic tape 
During the treatment, elastic patches are stuck on the skin with a special technique adapted to the problem of the patient. The sticking of our largest organ, the skin, influences the nerve endings, muscle fascias, muscle strips in the skin, muscles and joint capsules and also the autonomous nervous system. With its application, pain will lessen, the overstrained muscles become loose, the loose joints get stability and oedemas decrease.

Medicinal massage 
Medical massages are performed by the doctor’s prescription. It is a treatment that speeds up the recovery process, and can be used in combination with almost any physiotherapy or medical exercise treatment. The massage may  be applied onto the entire body or in a targeted way, onto a problematic part. Its main aim is to improve blood circulation and the loosening up of painful, tense body parts. Its essence lies in the stimulus that is caused by the expert touch of Hungarian masseurs and masseuses in Hévíz, resulting in a sensation of relaxation and refreshment.


Magnet therapy 
Magneto-therapy helps to fill up the weakened cells of the body with a mild, pulsating magnetic field. Therefore the metabolism of the cells and their ability to regenerate will be normalized. One of its main effects is to enhance ostosis (bone development) - even around implants! It also betters tissue micro-circulation, therefore enhancing the oxygen supply of tissues. All the patient has to do is to attend and relax.

Magnetic field therapy - B.e.m.e.r. • EUR 16
A special type of magnetic treatment, which uses variations of specific wave frequencies (Bremer-wave). Multiple types of symptoms may be treated with this device, with pre-set programs to select from.

Pack - Medical mud 
A special Hévíz brand name treatment. We use the peat-rich mud of the Hévíz thermal lake itself (80% organic, 20% inorganic content). The mud, which is made up from the degraded remnants of the vegetation, comes from right near the thermal springs of the lake. Rich in minerals, the mud detoxifies the skin and the whole body, enhances blood circulation and replenishes mineral reserves. It regenerates the skin and makes it tighter. The organic parts, such as the humin acids, have joint regenerating, anti-inflammatory and other preventive effects, enhanced by the slow heat emission induced by the hot mud. We pack the mud directly onto the skin, which has an especially beneficial effect in case of chronic rheumatic disorders. To be applied exclusively by physician’s orders.

Pack - HUMINO 
Humino is s special substance extracted from the peat bog areas around Hévíz, which is available in the form of a bath or a mud pack in our hotel. This special concentrate is very rich in humic and fulvic acids and several trace elements like: -sodium, potassium, oestrogen and so on-which have a lot of valuable and advantageous effects. The treatment can be used effectively for loosening the muscles, reducing inflammation, hydrating, disinfecting, nourishing and rejuvenating the skin.

Pack - Fluorine 
Fluoride is a substantial component of the cartilages of the joints, so it’s important to supply our body with it. This Hévíz speciality has a nice warming effect, causing the muscles to relax, and the joints to be less stiff.

Pack - Sulphur 
Sulphur is an element of the cartilage tissue, of which the joints must extract quite a lot, as the molecules composing them nearly all have sulphur content. Besides, the components of our skin require sulphur too. When applied around the joints, sulphur has a direct anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect. It also plays an important role in constructing the cartilage and its regeneration processes. As a pack, we apply it on ’worn-out’ joints.


Pack - Ritex 
The blood circulation is enhanced in the deep tissue, and we achieve a deep, warming, muscle-relaxant effect. Used primarily to treat acute lumbago, but also in case of other muscle spasms (cramped tension).

Selective stimulus-voltage treatment • EUR 16
Muscle regeneration tool, used to treat badly working, weak or paralyzed muscle. Primarily used as a rehabilitation tool following acute cases such as surgeries, but useful in case of chronic illnesses, such as the prevention of muscular atrophy.


Soft laser therapy 
Laser light is a highly organized and artificially created beam of light at a given frequency and wavelength. Its 5-800mW energy domain is used in medicine as a soft laser therapy. Depending on wavelength, for surface treatments red and /or infrared laser is employed penetrating into the deeper tissues as well. Laser light can exert its effect when it is absorbed into the tissues. Through photochemical reactions in the cells, it improves metabolism and cellular energy supply.  

Solux-therapy (infrared therapy) • EUR 11
Used primarily in treating upper respiratory diseases, ear inflammation and chronic loco-motor disorders, due to its warming effect.

The treatment works through nerve stimulation, and is effective in the area of treating inflammation, pain and muscle tension. Used in both chronic and acute cases.

Underwater stream massage 
A pleasant experience, during which we massage the body with underwater power streams. This may be performed in thermal or just in regular water. This massage enhances blood circulation and relaxes the muscles.

The ultrasound device uses its micro-massage effect to treat problematic areas of the body, therefore increasing blood circulation and warming, relaxing the area affected. It has an excellent anaesthetic and muscle relaxant effect. It enhances the flow of oxygen, which assists the natural healing processes of the body.

Weight bath 
An invention of Hévíz. The patient will be placed in a thermal pool with special weights hanging from parts of his body, as specified by the physician (either by the armpits or the neck), then from treatment to treatment, we gradually mobilize the joints and the spine. We also use it when curing problems related to inter-vertebral disc diseases, plus when pulling out hip and knee contractions.

Bathing in Hévíz and the treatments offered are RECOMMENDED in the following cases:
  • Degenerative loco-motor disorders (i.e. Arthrosis, Spondylosis, Discopathia)
  • Chronic inflammatory spinal and joint disorders (i.e. PCP=rheumatoid arthritis, SPA=Bechterew-disease)
  • Secondary spinal and joint disorders (i.e., metabolism disorders, gout, endocrine disorders, other so-called auto-immune disorders - SLE, Psoriasis)
  • Rehabilitation following accidents, fractures and surgery
  • Chronic peripheral and central nervous system disorders (ichias, polyneuropathia, paresis, sensory defaults, Heinemedin-disease)
  • Certain dermatological disorders (such as Psoriasis)
  • Joint and spine surgery pre- and post-treatments
  • Treatment of osteoporosis

The Hévíz thermal bath treatment is NOT RECOMMENDED in the following cases:

  • Malignant tumour
  • Severe blood circulation problems
  • Severely high blood pressure
  • All acute inflammations (varicose vein, acute state of joint inflammation)
  • All acute and chronic infections (Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Osteomyelitis)
  • Leukaemia, lymph disorders and other agranulocytosis disorders (severe anaemia, haemophilia, lymphoma)
  • Non-allergic asthmatic lung
  • Active ulcer (stomach or intestine-related)
  • Sudden loss of consciousness (Epilepsy, Adam-Stokes Syndrome)
  • Chronic alcoholism, liver cirrhosis
  • Tyrhoid gland disorder with organic symptoms
  • Unbalanced diabetes
  • In the 6-week period following therapeutic X-ray
  • In the 6-month period following a heart attack or heart surgery
  • Pregnancy
  • Children under the age of 14