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Mátraháza, Lifestyle Hotel Mátra


We would like to give our Guests more than mere relaxation and a few pleasant days. This is why the name of the Hotel includes the word “lifestyle”. Life is more complete if the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and mental aspects are all in harmony and balance.

How can a hotel help in this respect?
The tranquil, beautiful forest and mountainous environment, and the hotel’s interiors, reminiscent of nature, provide the perfect setting for spiritual and mental rejuvenation. What we can add is the personal care of our Guests, the programmes tailored to their different requirements for physical activity, a new type of spa experience and a wide range of gastronomic delights.


Discover with us the beneficial effects of the subalpine climate, and the crystal clear air; roam the Mátra Mountains with Nordic walking poles, or on Segways; or visit us season after season, and try all these possibilities. Real adventure seekers are welcome to visit the highest-lying adventure park of Hungary or to go paragliding or rock climbing.

You do not need to miss out on the beauties of the Mátra Mountains even if you are less fit since this is the only place where you can enjoy experience cycling without any prior serious physical training or a cycling background. You can enjoy the experience of cycling on terrain as you do not need extra strength. An intelligent auxiliary engine senses when the rider needs some help, which means that no uphill trail should be a problem anymore.

And of course in winter this is the first place to be snowed under, so you must not miss out on skiing, be it professional skiing, night-time skiing or snow sliding, which provides a fantastic experience even for the youngest visitors: snow adventures are guaranteed for all in the Mátra Mountains.


Discover our professional Germaine de Capuccini face and body treatments.


All this would not be complete without the culinary assortment available for every stage and rhythm of one’s life:

traditional Hungarian flavours and local Palóc dishes in a healthier and lighter version
homemade sauces and drinks, where possible from products from local producers
Western European and Mediterranean flavours
special lifestyle menu options, including vegetarian, paleo and fitness diet dishes.
Our menus disclose the ingredients and caloric values of the dishes with pictograms for those on any food separation diet
Gastronomy and wine: we offer a huge assortment of wines matching our menu; many wines can be ordered by the glass to enable you to taste several types of wine during the same dinner
The emphasis is always and everywhere on the possibility of choice, to allow our Guests to find the most suitable programme for their lifestyle and age, be it physical activity, relaxation, eating or spiritual rejuvenation.

Visit us to learn about yourself and to explore the treasures of the Mátra Mountains.