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Szeged, Szent-Györgyi A. u. 16-24. Route planning
Phone +36-62-566-466

Szeged, Hunguest Hotel Forrás - Organized trips

Sightseeing on foot in Szeged

Duration: 3 hours.

Route: City Centre Bridge, Móra Ferenc Museum, National Theatre, Széchenyi square, Anna fountain, City Hall, Klauzál Square, Synagogue (inside), Dugonics Square, Heroes’ Gate, Cathedral Square, Votive church.

Tour guide fee: HUF 15,000 per group

The Hidden Treasures of Szeged

Duration: 4 hours

Programme: visit to the Szeged National Theatre, to the City Hall building (ceremonial hall, The Bridge of Sighs) and to the Interactive Science Knowledge Store of the University of Szeged.

Tour guide fee: HUF 17,000 per group


Visit to the National Historical Heritage Park of Ópusztaszer and Lake Fehér

Duration: 5 hours

Planned programme: Szeged gate, Árpád memorial, Feszty panorama, Archeological exhibition, Promenade, Weir keeper’s house, Village museum (farm school, grocery store, windmill, etc.), horse show.

Route: Szeged–Sándorfalva–Ópusztaszer-Szeged (80 km).

Tour guide fee: HUF 20,000 per group


Guided trip around Csongrád county

Duration: 8 hours

Planned programme: Hódmezővásárhely (Kossuth Square, Town Hall, Fekete Sas Hotel, Point of Remembrance Museum), Óföldeák (fortified Gothic church), Makó (Onion House, József Attila Museum, Korona Hotel, old County Hall).

Route: Szeged–Hódmezővásárhely–Óföldeák–Makó–Deszk–Szeged (100 km).

Tour guide fee: HUF 30,000 per group


Guided trip to Subotica and Palić

• Duration: 8–10 hours.

• Planned programme: Subotica (Ceremonial room of the Town Hall, Synagogue, Town Museum, Promenade, Burek tasting), Palić (Grand Terrace, Women’s lido, Bagolyvár [Art Nouveau building]), Zoo). Optional wine tasting in Palić.

• Tour guide fee: HUF 30,000 per group


Guided tour to Arad and Timișoara

Duration: 8–10 hours.

Planned programme: Arad (Statue of Liberty, city centre, Execution site [of the Martyrs of Arad]), Timișoara (City Centre Protestant church, Theatre, Roman Catholic and Orthodox Cathedrals, Bolyai and Klapka memorial plaques).

Route: Szeged–Nădlac–Arad–Tmișoara–Csanád–Deszk–Szeged (295 km). Optional wine tasting in Păuliș.

Tour guide fee: HUF 30,000 per group


Registration and more information:

Péter Mihály, tour guide, geographer, senior lecturer

phone: +36-20-4312-094

e-mail: szegedtour@gmail.com