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Special offers, super savers

About current and preferential prices (early booking allowance, child allowance, 2-3 weeks bath cure) please ask personalized offer from the sales department (reserve@hotelapollo.hunguesthotels.com)!

32 EUR /person/night

Bookable for 2-7 nights!


The rate includes: accomodation with breakfast; use the hotel own wellness section



Get on offer, it takes only 2 minutes!

Up to 12 EUR
discount on online reservations!
Szállodai ajánlat tartalma
  • accomodation
  • with breakfast
Wellness szolgáltatások
  • use the hotel own wellness section;
  • bathrobe use;
  • parking;
  • internet access in the rooms (WIFI);
  • service charge,
  • VAT.

Further information

  • The amount of the tourist tax in 2021 (over 18 years of age) is HUF 500/person/night.
  • The prices of the package include meal plan for 6 EUR/person/night, and 3 EUR/person/night between 4-12 years.
Extra információk
  • Offer is not bookable in periods of hungarian festivals and school holidays.
Up to 12 EUR
discount on online reservations!