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3233 Mátraháza, HRSZ. 7160 Route planning
Phone +36-37-309-850

Mátraháza, Lifestyle Hotel Mátra - Gastronomy

Taste the local dishes reconsidered in the spirit of health and supplemented with flavours from all over the world and savoury wines...

Our restaurant would like to lay the culinary foundations of the first Hungarian lifestyle hotel. In addition to the new gastronomic creations our guests are welcome to taste popular traditional dishes and the best of the Palóc cuisine. At first sight this may seem unfeasible since the ingredients of Palóc dishes contradict the current Hungarian cuisine and eating habits. This contradiction is intended to be resolved by the use of new kitchen technologies such as sous-vide, or the presentation of original dishes with healthier and lighter garnishes on the menu and in other offers. For more information please go to the “Gastronomic concept” menu point.


The gastronomic concept of our Hotel focuses on modern trends, local traditions, simplicity and the use of fresh ingredients, where possible. The dishes on our menu are designed to reflect local culinary customs, as well as the “Lifestyle” approach. This inevitably requires the use of new technologies and the reconsideration of the old ones, the introduction of guests to new ingredients and food preparation techniques, such as the use of the Vario Cooking centre, the sous-vide technology, confiting or roasting in salt. In addition, we offer a range of homemade gravies and glazing sauces that enhance the taste and aesthetic value of the dishes. It is paramount that our culinary specialities be in harmony with the wines, wherefore both our waiters/waitresses and menus provide assistance in choosing the matching wine.

Forty percent of the dishes on our menus are the revival of traditional Hungarian cuisine adjusted to the taste of the modern era, as well as the presentation of seasonal traditional Hungarian and Palóc dishes. The other sixty percent feature a selection of the specialities of Western European and Mediterranean cuisine. The menus are compiled with consideration to the physiological principles of modern nutrition, wherefore we offer a special Lifestyle menu with vegetarian, paleo and fitness items.


The use of fresh ingredients is essential in the preparation of breakfast dishes, with breakfast being the most important meal. We also put a great emphasis on providing our guests with a healthy assortment of breakfast items. In compliance with the standards of LIFESTYLE HOTEL MÁTRA****superior the breakfast buffet includes cooked dishes served from the hot servery counter, cold dishes served from the cold servery counter, vegetarian dishes, breads, pastries, fruits, etc.
In addition to the buffet selection guests may order freshly cooked dishes that the breakfast chef prepares freshly.
Choosing the right breakfast is also made easy by the breakfast menu, which always includes four or five hot dishes, e.g.: ham and eggs, omelette, French toast. Upon request and for a separate charge continental breakfast is available through room service.


For lunch you can choose from our à la carte menu.

Evening meal

Depending on the number of guests, the dinner for half- or full-boarders is either a buffet dinner, or a fixed four-course meal. In the case of buffet dinners our chefs assist you with the selection and serving of food.

Guests who do not request half- or full-board catering may of course choose from our à la carte menu, or may opt for the half-board dinner on the spot.


When compiling our wine list we aimed to present the current trends, and to provide a large selection of wines that perfectly match the dishes on our menus in a timeless fashion, so that each and every guest can find the wine most suitable for their taste.

Our wine list is a bit different from other wine lists in terms of the grouping of wines, since contrary to the traditional grouping we have created major groups that describe the characteristics of the wines to facilitate orientation and choice. We continuously increase the selection of wines available to order by glass to enable you to taste several types of wine during dinner.

Our highly trained waiters and waitresses do not only serve you the wines, but upon request they also help you select the ones matching your meal.