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Mátraháza, HRSZ. 7160 Route planning
Phone +36-37-309-850, +36-30-3344-055

Mátraháza, Lifestyle Hotel Mátra - Wellness

After an active day out relax and indulge in the AMETHYST SPA of LIFESTYLE HOTEL MÁTRA superior. The facilities covering a total floor area of 1 200 m2 include two leisure pools, a sauna world, spa showers and a steam cabin, a naturist wellness section with a separate relaxation area for those who prefer the traditional sauna experience, i.e. being naked in the sauna, and a private wellness relaxation room, where you can relax with your partner after a treatment.

Inside pools

There are two indoor leisure pools with spa elements and panoramic windows with a view of the surrounding landscape:

  • The 60 m2 pool is 120 cm deep, it incorporates two jacuzzis, and has a water temperature of 32 - 34 °C
  • The 40 m2 pool is 120 cm deep, it incorporates three bubble beds and a rapids channel, and has a water temperature of 32 – 34 °C

Splash pool for children:

  • The splash pool is located by the panoramic windows. It is 50 cm deep and has a water temperature of 34 – 36 °C

Outdoor pools

Outdoor swimming pool 

  • 32 °C with 5 experience facilities. Water depth: 1.18 meter. Dimensions: approx: 15x8 meter
  • Jacuzzi 
  • 36 °C for 8 people with 2 experience facilities. Water depth: 1 meter. Diameter: 3 meters

Outdoor pools are closed till spring.

Sauna world

After an active day out you can enjoy utmost relaxation in our sauna world, which incorporates four types of saunas, a spa shower cave, as well as a steam cabin:

Finnish sauna

  • Capacity: 12 – 15 people
  • This is the most well-known type of sauna. It welcomes experienced sauna users with a temperature of 80 – 90 °C

Bio sauna

  • Capacity: 6 people
  • Due to its moderately high temperature of 50 – 60 °C we can safely recommend this sauna to people who are new to sauna bathing or who cannot use the higher temperature Finnish sauna because of medical reasons

Infrared sauna

  • Capacity 6 people
  • It is very efficient, yet much gentler than the traditional saunas due to its temperature of 40– 50 °C. It is extremely suitable to cure inflammatory conditions, and can be used by guests suffering from a heart condition or hypertension.

Aromatic cabin

  • Capacity: 4 people
  • The ~ 40 °C hot air of the cabin is infused with the mixtures of various therapeutic and aromatic herbs, which have refreshing or balancing effects, or clean the respiratory tracts.

Steam cabin

  • The ~ 45 °C temperature and the ~ 100% humidity of the steam cabins have a beneficial effect on the skin. Your body heats up in the cabin more slowly, while the steam continuously hydrates your skin, and supports its detoxifying processes.

Other services

Attached to the sauna world are a spa shower cave and an ice well for those wishing to refresh after the sauna experience. Sauna shows performed every weekend.

Guests are welcome to relax on a small terrace adjacent to the pool area, and overlooking the forest, on the separate sunbathing terrace, or in the standing solarium on level -2 of the wellness section.


In the separate naturist wellness section those who prefer the traditional sauna experience, i.e. without swimsuit in the sauna are welcome to relax  with the following facilities:

  • 2 spa showers
  • finnish sauna
  • naturist relaxation room with deckchairs

You need to make an appointment at our Spa reception.