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For families


Szeged offers endless opportunities for your family to have fun together, including a water slide system of nearly 1,000 metres, splash pools for small children, a bowling alley, a playhouse, Segway trips, the Szeged fish soup that is second to none, and the performances of the Szeged Open Air Theatre Festival. Holiday with us, and let us give you and all of your family an experience of a lifetime, whatever their age.

What room should you choose if you are travelling with children?

✔︎ For families with babies or small children, we recommend our double rooms with an option of up to two extra beds.

✔︎ If you choose one of our apartments with two separated rooms, we can turn the pull-out sofa of the living into a bed for the children, while the parents can sleep in the separate bedroom.

✔︎ If you are travelling with several children, we recommend our connecting family rooms (two double rooms) where every family member can relax in their own area. In some of our family rooms one of the bathrooms has a bath tub, helping parents to bathe small children in the evening.

Child- and baby-friendly amenities at our hotel

✔︎ Children’s activities and child-minding: Meet Szegi Teki, our hotel’s mascot!

✔︎ Cot, baby bathtub, toilet adapter and stand free of charge, for the maximum comfort of small children Please notify us in advance if you would like these, and the items will be there for you in the room by the time you arrive.

✔︎ Highchair for babies in the restaurant

Even if you have a food intolerance or sensitivity (for example gluten or lactose intolerance), diabetes, or you are on a special diet, we guarantee that you will find suitable food for both breakfast and dinner.

The whole of our hotel is accessible, and you can easily use a pram in the rooms and the restaurant.

Adventures on the ground and in the water, for children and adults

Amenities for children:

✔︎ In the hotel: playroom, XBox room, garden playground, bowling, billiards

✔︎ In the Napfényfürdő Aquapolis waterpark: outdoor and indoor kiddie pools, splash pools, playground, four-floor playhouse, mother-and-baby section

✔︎ In the summer season we work with qualified activity organisers to entertain smaller and bigger children.

Children’s activities

  • variable activities
  • ink stamp collection
  • child minding
  • slide park, competitions in the pool
  • mini disco, UV party
  • prize competitions
  • "Szegi Teki" 
  • entertainment and relaxation

We reserve the right to make changes to activities and events.